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I love to laugh, I'm athletic and artistic, a terrible speller with an above average vocabulary.
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candycane31-35, F
Thank you馃槅
@candycane word馃
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Indy7446-50, F
Saw this and thought of your pet raccoon.....馃

[image deleted]
@Indy74 I muddle through. That鈥檚 about it
Indy7446-50, F
@Quoththeraven that's the key word "muddle".
@Indy74 very true
Thank you so much for your candle and support.

Don鈥檛 feel as though you have to respond. I know you have many of these to write. I just appreciate you and your contributions to this site. I hope you are well馃檪@InOtterWords
@Quoththeraven there are so many to write, but I [i]want[/i] to thank everyone. I was overwhelmed by the amount of support, in such a beautiful way.
Wishing you a very [i][b][c=#BF0000]MERRY CHRISTMAS鉁ㄢ樅锔忦煉曫煉滒煂燄煄
Peppa31-35, F
I feel like ive not seen you around in a while. Welcome back. I hope you are ok x
Peppa31-35, F
@Quoththeraven yea I've not been too bad myself.
Its great isn't, neat little messages nothing too personal, less likely to receive abuse. And best thing is its really inclusive, ive seen others like and respomd to the kindness some people say on a users whiteboard. Xx
Hmm cool. Thanks for reaching out馃檪
Peppa31-35, F
@Quoththeraven you're welcome... Its nice to see a familiar face.
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