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36-40, M
Latest Replies to Posts
Bailey1999: I want to reinvent myself. Any Suggestions?
I did this last year I joined a group of people th...
20 hrs ago
Bethuk: New night time selfie
Stunning your eyes really pop in the photo
1 day ago
SDFORME: Hello everyone, I've been trying to induce la...
@SDFORME the crime rate dropped in the US also it ...
1 day ago
karysma: Why do women live longer than men?
I believe it's because women are almost never...
1 day ago
WelshLovely: Today's cleavage....
1 day ago
hcurry97: The tears are no ordinary tears. They are a painfu...
Good read thank you for sharing
1 day ago
Darina: Why do men love a woman's ass?
@Darina love a nice ass
1 day ago
Katherine1: I am so sick of all the Conservative vs Liberals c...
That's why I just don't talk about it, I...
2 days ago
Katherine1: 3 words: PARENTAL GUILT SUCKS! I feel like an as...
The hardest part i found to being a parent was tel...
2 days ago
ayeaye1: I love wearing them
2 days ago
helen60: If i asked
Yes I do and no I'm not
1 week ago
peanutbutter: You played on my insecurities by saying you what I...
Enjoyed the post good insight
1 week ago
WelshLovely: Is there any other way?
Wow amazing stunning
1 week ago
Yougotit89: Worked 14 hours. now doing homework. I need a brea...
I've got some bad news it is never over
1 week ago
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