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22-25, F
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About Me
What should I do first this morning?
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Think carefully... The choices are important!๐Ÿ˜œ
22-25, F
+ 1 12 replies 43 views Aug 28, 2020 |
I Love Coffee
Do you judge people based on their profile picture?
I have often wondered if I should upload a selfie for my profile here but I fear judgement and enjoy staying private sometimes. I don't pay much mind to other people's pictures usually but wonder how much impact it has on someone deciding t...
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22-25, F
+ 2 20 replies 51 views Aug 27, 2020 |
Do you enjoy eating breakfast any time of the day?
I'm having a late supper of scrambled eggs, Canadian bacon, toast and a glass of milk. Yummy!๐Ÿฅฐ
22-25, F
+ 7 19 replies 24 views Aug 26, 2020 |
Do you have a favorite actor/actress?
One of my favorite celebrities is Helena Bonham Carter. I think she is extremely talented and gorgeous!
22-25, F
+ 9 19 replies 72 views Aug 26, 2020 |
Movies & TV
Do you also enjoy bad tattoos?
R/badtattoos usually has me in tears from laughing. I just.. there's some uh.. unique pieces out there for tattoos. ๐Ÿ˜‚
22-25, F
+ 7 25 replies 68 views Aug 25, 2020 |
I Use Reddit
Which song instantly makes you feel badass?
I'm in the mood to get amped up and feel good about myself while drawing, suggestions would be appreciated!
22-25, F
+ 4 12 replies 29 views Apr 14, 2020 |
Has anyone here seen Terminator: Dark Fate and liked it?
The movie is not doing well at all with sales which surprised me because I thought it was great. Are people just sick of the series by now and feel it has been dragged out? Edit: I should mention that I know why the movie has failed so hard at the b...
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22-25, F
+ 2 16 replies 27 views Nov 8, 2019 |
Movies & TV
Do you enjoy snow or dislike it?
It has been snowing here since last night and I love it! Perfect weather for hot drinks and snuggling into a blanket with a good book.
22-25, F
+ 8 27 replies 45 views Nov 8, 2019 |
What colour should I paint my nails?
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Can't sleep... And I want to paint my nails but unsure of which colour I should pick.๐Ÿ’…
22-25, F
+ 3 6 replies 31 views Oct 11, 2019 |
Which underated movie should people watch?
I watched a movie recently that I never heard of and it was really good. Wondering if others have discovered a not so well known movie and enjoyed it.
22-25, F
+ 2 4 replies 16 views Apr 5, 2019 |
Movies & TV
Dog owners, what should I know before getting a puppy?
Adding a dog to my home has been on my mind for the past year or so. Wondering if there's any advice I should know beforehand. ๐Ÿค” Edit: I should also mention my partner and I likely won't have kids so a dog would be my child with fur. ๐Ÿ˜…...
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22-25, F
+ 2 32 replies 30 views Apr 2, 2019 |
Pets, Animals & Nature
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