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One cigarette away from happiness
About Me
Should I message my ex?
When she broke up with me she said we could still be friends but we've had zero contact since then. This was nearly 2 weeks ago. I miss her
+ 2 12 replies 27 views Aug 2, 2020 |
Personal, Thoughts & Feelings
What's a good sleeping pattern for night shift?
+ 0 5 replies 9 views Aug 1, 2020 |
Why should I love myself?
+ 0 9 replies 9 views Jul 30, 2020 |
Personal, Thoughts & Feelings
I miss having someone close
It's what I'll miss the most about my relationship. Having someone to talk to about my feelings without a filter
+ 2 0 replies 1 views Jul 30, 2020 |
I Need a Friend to Talk to Openly
She left me
As it says on the tin. She left me last week and I'm struggling to try and get a grip of it. We haven't spoken since she ended things and I need closure so I can get on with my life
+ 0 1 reply 3 views Jul 30, 2020 |
I Am Lonely
I Want To Say This To You
Selfishness is not a crime. I'm sorry I can't see you through that dark patch. It's no-ones fault that your darkness became mine. I'm sorry that I don't want that darkness - I know you don't either.
+ 0 0 replies 3 views Jun 25, 2020 |
I Want To Say This To You
If only a single cigarette could provide all the affection I've been denied over the years
+ 0 2 replies 6 views Jun 25, 2020 |
Terry A Davis: genius, or lunatic
+ 0 3 replies 6 views Mar 15, 2019 |
Science & Technology
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