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18-21, M
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Brobdingnagian exuberance
I Have a Suggestion for Similar Worlds
During direct messages, if you receive a message and reload the page to view it, it will show a 1 on the message box over again after the 1 already disappeared even if there is no new message. This causes me to check again to find out that I don...
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18-21, M
4 replies
Jan 19, 2017
What country do you want to visit?
Last question for the night! Ill read replies in the morning.
18-21, M
9 replies
Jan 14, 2017
I Know True Friendship Is Priceless
I share a friend called loneliness. I know I don't need real friends though, however having no one to give me opinions is lonely. I had a best friend for 6-7 years, and that was great. I try to make friends sometimes, but every time I fail to ...
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18-21, M
1 reply
Jan 14, 2017
Friends... Got any?
I am a member from EP! Woo! Similar Worlds... Interesting. I get sad when I think about ep, and not because it was shut down. Just said that because I need to let it out. Haha *few* Anyways. I'm home schooled and I have 0 friends that aren...
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18-21, M
3 replies
Jan 14, 2017
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