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70-79, M
Lover Available: Inquier Within - A Male Unicorn for A female or couple
About Me
About Me
[b]Name:[/b] First: Mike Last: Ask Me
[b]Address:[/b] Glendale, California (Between Pasadena & Burbank)
[b]Employment:[/b] Retired
[b]About Me:[/b] I'm a paradox. I am the guy next door you'd never suspect has a naughty, adventurous side yet I'm the guy who wants desperately to have an affair with a married woman or a 3some with a married couple. I am faithful yet detached. I am committed and yet relaxed. I love everyone, and yet no one. I am sociable but also a loner. I am gentle and yet tough. I am passionate but also platonic. I love being single, yet wouldn't mind a girlfriend with a "girlfriend" girlfriend. And I’m also a male Unicorn, meaning that I have an A-personality & a dominate side (when needed) and Couples are a Big Turn On. In Short I am predictable in my unpredictability.
[b]My Ideal Person:[/b] Someone I feel chemistry with that isn't a complete liar.
[b]Goals:[/b] to be the “other man” to a married woman. To have uninhibited, mind-blowing, out-our-heads sex with a married or Girlfriend/Boyfriend couple.
[b]Dreams:[/b] to be the “other man” to a married woman
[b]Interest:[/b] 1) To be the “other man” to a married woman in a long term, torrid affair.
2) To be the third in a trio relationship with a married couple.
[b]Does Physical Appearance Matter In A Partner?:[/b] ALOT, if I'm not attracted to you, it ain't happenin'. Sorry! But you'd be surprised at the type of person I'm attracted to. Really attracted & turned on by the librarian/teacher/nerdess look w/glasses! The nice girl with a hidden naughty side. The career girl who fantasizes about having 2 guys. A bored, neglected housewife.
As far as age goes, she can range from 25 to 85. I've always been attracted to "older" women. There's been some 75 year olds, and even some women 85, that flat turn me on... even still. Marital status is immaterial. She could be single, separated, married or attached (GF/BF), divorced or widowed.
Eyes, smile, hair & personality are important. I love sitting across the table from a woman I just met, who likes dark out the way places to have a cold beer and go with the flow, & looking deep into her eyes knowing she & I are going to have sex & that I'm going to make her cum! Cum so intensely that she cums herself senseless. That's my goal That's HOT!
[b]Cares:[/b] I don't mind if I am a wife's secret lover or 3rd in a trio with her & her husband.
[b]Fantasy:[/b] 1) To be hit on, picked up, taken home, seduced & tag-teamed by a married couple who make me their 3rd the next morning when we are showering together. No ifs, ands, buts or may bees about it.
2) To be Knocked Out by an intense orgasm. One so intense and violent that I'm over"cum" with bliss that renders me unconscious.
If interested, contact me. I'm dead serious about interests 1 & 2.
- [b]Sex activities I enjoy:[/b]
1) Cumming (duh) & making a woman cum. I love being hard over a woman & her knowing it.
2) I love to turn on, and then [b]Turn Out[/b], quiet, shy, nerdess/librarian type Geeky Girls, neglected wives and especially Girls & Boys who have never been in a 3some with a guy before and turn them on to the Girl's ultimate height in her Girl Power over her guy and the male gender.