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Latest Replies to Posts
Nitro5: Are you a sperm donor?
yeah! i just never have time to get it to the sper...
2 mths ago
MissGaga: *chirp* *tweet* *chirp* *tweet* *chirp* *tweet*
*squeeze* *squeeze* *poop*
3 mths ago
GalaxyWarrior777: Ever seen a Gay Missile before?
Yeah its called a bunker buster haha
3 mths ago
cherokeepatti: Do you like to go Fishing? Alone or with someone e...
Depends on what I'm fishing for.
4 mths ago
FuckFaceWillie: Should Trump kill a Mexican on TV for votes?
i'd vote for him if he killed himself
4 mths ago
Ashleyyyy: It’s so hot but atleast my panties are cute
I would have to agree, very nice!
4 mths ago
TheGoodGuy: So I heard that Stacy's mom has got it goin...
Yeah, but you should see Stacy!
4 mths ago
CountProgula: Marillion - Torch Song
nice, Fish on a chill Sunday night
4 mths ago
unknownpoetx: biggest boobs on sw?
Is Donald Trump on SW?
4 mths ago
Stargate: Obama needs to keep his commie mouth shut
Don't ruin this site with political bullshit,...
4 mths ago
TripHazard: How often do you masturbate?
at least once a day
4 mths ago
iwritestories: What are your thoughts on school uniforms?
kids will still pick on other kids no matter what ...
5 mths ago
iwritestories: My 16 year old daughter really wants a profile on ...
would you rather have her talk to those people on ...
5 mths ago
Nadie: Tell me a story.
This is a funny story... Once upon a time Trump! F...
6 mths ago
JohnOlinger: I Dont Know How This Place Would Manage Without ...
Well the grammar was better while you were away.
7 mths ago
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