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I Am Worried
My mom asks me randomly if I would ever want to take a class. No, I don't want to take a class! I'm done with school! I finally graduated a year ago. My parents always seem to think that a class solves everything for my future. Companies don't care how many classes you've taken. They only care about job experience! Plus, I do better teaching myself in a library than any teacher I've had to be honest. But then it was weird how we saw a show at a nice theatre and my mom kept hinting that there's adult acting classes there. But that theatre is 40 minutes away from me and she knows I can't drive. How I am supposed to get there? My dad's gonna drive me 40 mins straight and back while he's at work? They'll finally let me taken an Uber or a bus? They told me once that even when I start driving they won't let me drive far. They just keep wishing an acting opportunity would happen in our small town but it's not realistic thinking. They only way I can do what I want to do is by moving but I have no financial security. I get scared every time these conversations come up with my parents. That they'll force me or guilt me into doing something I don't want to do. I don't want to leave my weight loss consultant job yet. I haven't been there for even a year yet and I'm starting to build my list of clients. I want to be able to see their weight loss journey. I can't leave them yet. I'm not saying this is my career or anything but it doesn't mean I hate my job. It's good for now. I just want to think of now rather than the future because my future doesn't seem like it'll be a happy one. Sorry but I felt the strong need to vent.
adshaw · 31-35, M
If you get through those acting classes, chances are you will find an opening somewhere. Luck is on your side.
JewStar4Life · 26-30, F
I really hope so. Acting classes are the only classes right now that I would want to take. That would be useful for me.
ajsk13 · 46-50, M
do you have a degree
JewStar4Life · 26-30, F
Yes. In film with a theater minor. But I can't get jobs in my field where I live unless I move but I don't have enough money to do that. There's nothing where I live for me.
greenmountaingal · 70-79, F
If your job doesn't provide enough money to move out on your own, you will continue being under parental pressures of various kinds.

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I Am Worried
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