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Misty Days-Short Story and ghost story

There was a light and misty day one winter. Then, people walked to meet someone, from somewhere and walked their dogs if they could stand it. A light rain came down over their umbrellas. A few of them didn't realize what would happen next. It would be a life changing day. It was brought to their attention they didn't have a plan for life yet.
The people panicked a while, then; they were shocked to see three small ghosts. Maybe even children, but everyone saw the figures that were almost transparent.
A odd wind whooshed around with them. It was something because only three people could see them at the time.
How would things be the same? What did the spirits want? Well, dogs soon howled and growled to their presence.
They wanted some peace of mind in this. Their little cries were like a warning. Be aware and keep some caution. Then, the dogs rolled over and played possum in a attempt to fool them; and see what they could do. The spirits were calm but today they whooshed in a circle as if they were inspired to do a great evil project. So once the dogs could feel small taps on their backs and their hairs stood up. Then they howled and growled convincingly. Their owners started to feel like there was something going on. Now, the dogs and humans made mock surprise faces as they looked at each other. They held out their paws to each for a handshake. It would be a comfort for the day ahead. Then the rain came down more heavy.
Since the rain came down the dogs tried to cry at the spirits near them and they quieted down. They slept well on the rainier nights.
When they had woke, the spirits became restless and followed them around. The dogs would snap at them. It was like they were speaking a new language. The owners finally realised the spirits were coming from the dogs. Many times they prayed for the dogs to be safe and so they felt relieved now that they had prayed. When the humans found that out they sat and talked to the dogs about their future plans for their lives. They would one day perform tricks and be in dog shows. The end
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LisaKatyEllen · 26-30, F
Thanks for the heart. 😊💛

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