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I Do Stupid Things When I'M Drunk

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I seldom become so drunk that I do really stupid or dangerous things, but a few time I have pissed my pants馃槼.
22-25, M
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Jul 11, 2016
Edited: 1 yr ago
scretpisser26-30, M
I know how that is. I usually wet myself when I'm drunk too. I think it's a very interesting feeling compared to sober wetting. This is why I don't like getting drunk around family members hah
recoveringman51-55, M
wow! I have been very drunk many times but never so much so that I pee my pants! Does it happen when you are asleep or awake?
tissegutt22-25, M
It mostly happens to me when I am sleeping. Some very few times I have been so drunk that I felt the whole world was turning around and I did not dare to leave my bed. Then for sure I was awake馃槺.

As I usually don't walk around in my sleep even when drunk my pants wettings have been when I was awake. Then I simply have not been able to get home in time from a party or pub, and as public peeing and indecent exposure are heavily fined here it is less expensive to pee in the pants馃槅.
recoveringman51-55, M
Well I have heard that some people do sleep so sound that they pee.
I guess that can make for awkward sleep-overs?
tissegutt22-25, M
I am among those sound sleepers. Honestly I now wear pullups to bed when sleeping over with others after having been drinking. Yes, a bit embarrassing, but much less than waking after having wet someones bed!
recoveringman51-55, M
I would say so!
I bet your mates are pretty amused at seeing a grown man in a pull up!!!
tissegutt22-25, M
I have got some teasing, but not very hard. A few of my friends have in fact wet the bed when drunk themselves, one even my bed, so they hardly say anything any longer!
recoveringman51-55, M
Dang-must be an epidemic with younger guys!
recoveringman51-55, M
Maybe it's you guys in Norway-have something to do with your tight foreskins! lol
tissegutt22-25, M
My foreskin is not that tight any longer. It is probably unnecessarry to tell how it has become like that?馃槈

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I Do Stupid Things When I'M Drunk
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