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I Want to Fall In Love

I feel like that ancient Knight of olde
Riding out to battle with no Lady waiting
No silk favor tucked in my armor so bright
Riding at the head of the army all alone

Feeling the heavy weight of steel and years
Knowing that victory gives only a return
To a windswept cold and hollow castle
Or a shallow mass grave in defeat

The heart longs for a love to be waiting there
A Lady to walk with and honor every day
A saucy wench to tangle the sheets with
A hand to dress the wounds of life with care

I want to fall in love with a real woman
One who gives love as easily as accepting it

I feel like that sheriff of western lore
Chasing bandits and killers across the plains
Dreaming of a warm little house and woman
While camping out in the bitter cold wilderness

Trailing men who seek to avoid the noose or bullet
Knowing that each desperado will try to end
Pursuit by the law by leaving you for the coyotes
Unburied, unmourned and quickly forgotten by most

The heart desires a wife to be waiting for a return
A woman to stroll the streets on my strong arm
A woman who wants a man like a dancing girl of the saloon
Filled with her own brand of courage she shares life

I want to fall in love with a real woman
One who walks with her man, not behind him

I feel like that leader for the righteous cause
Sacrificing bits of my life for others to enjoy
Feeling the drain on my spirit which isn't replaced
By the love of one who understands the reason

Giving and helping others through their trials
Making hard decisions that no one else will
Even while feeling the pressures to leading
Wanting one who will simply love and share

Surrounded by friends and admirers, yet so alone
Wanting nothing more than love and warmth
To live with a set of lips to kiss and cherish
Death will come soon enough and the tomb awaits

I want to fall in love with a real woman
One who loves in return with all her heart

To feel love burning in my weary and tired heart
If but I could feel the love of a woman so true
The two blazing pyres merging into a single
Creating a conflagration of love so intense

Whether that blazing love lasted for decades
Or burned bright and hot but for a single day
I would be content with feeling that fiery heat
Knowing that an angel had entered my life

A woman who could be my queen, the Lady I adore
One who be a lover, sharing the bodies pleasure
A reason to learn and grow, to improve both
One who will walk the path of life beside me

I want to fall in love with a real woman
One who can fall in love with this man
I can relate to your words, may you find the woman that you seek, may she be waiting for you as your eyes meet hers and with no words spoken let the exploration of love begin
Fungirlmmm · 51-55
Beautiful piece .. melting into one another and learning each other like no one else. Mmmm
sunrisehawk · 61-69, M
@Fungirlmmm That is the possible delicious moment that keeps me going....
Fungirlmmm · 51-55
@sunrisehawk prayers for you.

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I Want to Fall In Love
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