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I gave a rose
But grasped a thorn, and
Blood was streaming
Down my arm
All that tangled in my heart
Was a briar and a rose.
I stemmed the flow
And rode the tide
But fortune wasn't
On my side
Heal the wound
Forget the bride
The Briar holds no rose.
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1 day ago
Edited: 1 day ago
MoonlitWildflower · 36-40, F
Hauntingly beautiful..the words for "fuck life, but you weaved it the journey perfectly" cliché, but honest truth. Never give up hopes on that bride, life can surprise us all when all seems futile. 100 proof right here with my groom...magic and miracles are real😉💗✨
Dayvee65 · M
[@584388,MoonlitWildflower] Thank you Pandy. To be honest , it was one of those moments when I wrote, but should have had my fingers broken before I could grasp the pen. Lol have you ever woke up and cringed when you realise what you posted? This morning was one of those days for me...again. 🙄
MoonlitWildflower · 36-40, F
[@118203,Dayvee65] I know the feeling! Just laugh it off...once it's been seen, it's seen.🤣 In this case, I think it was a great piece of writing though! Be proud.👍
BexEyes · 41-45, F
Sometimes the blossoms stay encased and rot.
Dayvee65 · M
[@258750,BexEyes] True...story of my life!! Truth is, I let the rot ferment, and drank from the barrel of self pity. Even the dregs were consumed. No excuse...I know.
BexEyes · 41-45, F
[@118203,Dayvee65] I wonder what fermented unblossomed buds taste like...if it’s beer, then I’ll join you.
Dayvee65 · M
[@258750,BexEyes] you're always welcome. I'm guessing it wouldn't be much different than a hobgoblin brew.🍺

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I gave a rose But grasped a thorn, and Blood was s... | I Write Whatever I Want To Write | Similar Worlds