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I Am An Introvert

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I don't see the point of talking a lot if the people around me aren't having deep, insightful conversations that actually have substance. I don't like small talk at all, I don't talk to just please people. I don't care if I make a person uncomfortable by my silence. I'm just quiet like that. There's nothing of substance that they talk about so why would I force myself to talk to people whom I cannot connect with? It's a waste of time.
I can talk a lot only with a few people who actually listen, don't cut me off mid sentence, and don't have such a low attention span. Because if I'm not being listened to then what's the point of talking?
On top of that, being around people for too long drains me, I need to recharge when I get home and get to enjoy my alone time. It's even better when your significant other is also introverted. I don't even need to explain anything to him. Hehe
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Oct 3, 2018
Disturbed12 · 22-25, M
Same here
JammieDodgerHeart · 22-25, F
I can relate you aren't alone
guess you should just fuck off .. lol
xRedx · M
I can do small talk, but I'd much rather pick at someone's deep thoughts on a subject.

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I Am An Introvert
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