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I Am An Introvert

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I am an introvert. I’m not good in social situations. I do try though, because I don’t want people to think I’m boring or stupid and I have nothing to say. So I try and talk, say my point of view etc.
It takes a lot out of me to say something, and often it doesn’t come out the way I heard it in my head. It comes out jumbled and sounds stupid. I feel so dumb.
I hate when I do start saying something and someone talks over me; it’s like a kick in the guts. It’s like what I have to say isn’t good enough to hear. I feel miserable. And then it makes me never want to say anything ever again.
I’m glad I have this place to talk, typing is so much easier then talking out loud!!
26-30, F
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Mar 15, 2018
covfefe234 · M
Indeed. Though eventually I've realized that nobody cares about what I say on here, either.
photoks · 26-30, F
[@569353,covfefe234] 🙁I’m sorry
I tend to see this site as a place I can vent about stuff. And mostly I don’t mind if anyone sees it or talks back, you know? But it is nice to know others are going through similar things
Lanyx · 36-40, M
Wow and thank you for opening up. Yes, this site is dirty: but you can find support here as well. I know exactly how you feel. I'm an INTJ: If you want to talk or vent feel free to PM me. I will keep clean and respectful.
Madhatter · 26-30, M
I agree 100%. Having the time to think while you type, so you can properly convey a thought is so much better. Are you also very happy that the world is changing to fit introverts? lol So much is getting taken online or automated. Finally, a world for me! XD
ozgirl512 · 22-25, F
I think a great conversationalist is someone who listens and asks questions .. It's a good way to practise because you get interested in what they are saying and natural curiosity prompts you to ask questions .. Good luck

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I Am An Introvert
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