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I Am An Introvert
My mother wanted to complain about something a coworker said at her job yesterday. I listened to the entire story, talked with her about it, and agreed that what her coworker had said was unprofessional, but she wanted to drag out the problem. She loves socializing, so she can easily talk about something for hours if you let her. I can't. I'd rather get to the point and talk for a few minutes or start a new topic to talk about. She mistook this for indifference and my preference to be alone made her feel like I don't care about her, which I'm shocked about because I've been an introvert most of my life. I was always quiet and always alone so I assumed she'd know that this is just my personality, not some way to show disrespect. But even to this day, she gets upset about it. And it's not like I don't talk with her. We have many conversations and joke with each other but the moment I want to be alone or feel quiet, she takes it the wrong way.

I've explained countless times that I like peace and quiet because of my introversion but she denies this and states I'm extroverted because I was social and adventurous when I was a little kid. But that was far too long ago and I've changed a lot since then. I don't know why she's holding on to that. I can speak with people just fine although I prefer going to events alone, but that isn't a problem.

And what's worse is that she is the only extrovert in the family. My father, older brother, and I are introverts, and sometimes she doesn't understand that so I suggest fun clubs and groups to join so she can meet new people who love socializing as much as she does so she doesn't feel lonely whenever we get quiet. But she rarely ever goes and if she does she comes back saying she quit the group because one or two people seemed rude, and I just say, "Well what about the other members? Maybe they're nice or maybe you should try one more event before you permanently leave the group? Or perhaps you can join a new one?" And she just declines and completely gives up.

So here I am wondering, "How can she be happy if she wont meet new people?" She is frustrated with my father, brother and I, but she wont go out and meet some fun like-minded people to hang out with. My dad lives elsewhere, often working or in a meeting, and my brother is busy getting his life together so he doesn't have much time to socialize even if he wanted to, so there's really just me she talks to. THEN she sends us all an email explaining how frustrated she is with us all, adding that we shouldn't bother replying because she wont read our messages.

So I am completely clueless on what to do. Sometimes I wonder what she'll do if I ever moved to another city or state. Would this push her to meet new people or would she stay by herself, unhappy and alone? Because it feels like she's relying on me, and only me, to talk with and nobody else and this concerns me.
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I鈥檓 sorry 馃槩
Maybe there is something else bothering her. It may not be the extrovert/introvert thing. Maybe she feels distant from you guys, and she's letting out her frustration the wrong way. She needs an outlet. You suggest a social club, maybe a new hobbie can work. Or maybe you guys should go out as a family, go bowling, or something like that. Sounds like she wants closure, but in order for her to understand how you guys introverted ways, she has to relax, the demands of the world is consuming her, and probably doesn't know it. She needs to improve her listening skills too.

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I Am An Introvert
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