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I Have a Boring Life

I would say my life is pretty boring since for one, I live in a small, boring town where there's not much to do..I come from a small family with one older brother and no sisters.

I don't have any real life friends to hang out with. I don't have a spouse or boyfriend either and no pets. I also don't party, drink or do drugs either.

So, I pretty much stay at home a lot and have to be creative and keep my mind occupied on other things. All I do for fun is exercise twice a day, listen to music, watch tv, movies, write poetry, shop and surf on the internet.

I still hope one day that I can move to a bigger city and be able to travel to different cities around the U.S. that I've never been too. I haven't been to a lot of places like most people have.

I also still hope one day that I'll be able to explore and enjoy more out of life such as traveling, making the right friends and of course meeting the right guy who will make my life much more special and meaningful.
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Serenitree · F
First, you don't sound as if you're being creative in keeping occupied.
Get interested in something that really is creative. Something that will keep you physically busy and emotionally engaged. Gardening? Painting? Handicrafts? Decorating every stick of furniture in your home with decoupage? It really doesn't matter what, but you would find your life less boring if you put some effort into doing something interesting.
[@Serenitr] I do put effort. People say that I even have a creative mind. But it's sad people like to judge you when they haven't been or lived in your shoes.
Serenitree · F
@SW-User Oh, hunny! I'm sorry, I'm not judging you. If it sounded that way, I apologize. I was only suggesting ways that you might alleviate some of your boredom. I'm sorry you saw this as criticism. I simply think that most of what you listed are just time fillers. Hoping you can get excited about something besides hoping for something to happen someday.

You sound like you're depressed. I hope you can find joy in the now.
@Serenitree Thank you. I appreciate your support.
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I Have a Boring Life
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