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I Love Skunk Stink

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Basking in the beautiful aromatic musk.
I'm positively drenched in skunk spray right now, having been squirted repeatedly and heavily at the lake during one of my routine skunk-seekings. I blush knowing every drop seeps deep into the pores of my skin and attaches at a molecular level to the proteins in my hair to make sure the stench stays strong and noticeable for quite some time. I bask more when I put the sprayed clothing back on and roll around in my bed to see if the sheets will absorb any of the oil. Right now I'm just so very elated, relaxed and all just seems right and happy with the world. I am content in this skunky state, and I have two little scent glands on one of nature's most passive and naturally mild-mannered and playful animals to thank for this.

Unfortunately, society shuns that odor, workplaces consider it intolerable hygiene and my friends certainly won't find it to their liking this coming Saturday when I hang out with them, so I'll have to deodorize all day and night today, likely for hours on end, and may have to enlist my best friend as a sniff-tester at one point or another. As much as I and many other skunk sniffers might enjoy it, the spray is truly overpowering and does contain plenty of thiols to make it naturally repellant, even if the pheromones and musky parts more than make up for it. So yes, I acknowledge that I stink, and reek beautifully at that. In this state of mind of course, I crave it stronger and more vexing to the senses, so I'm sniffing my sprayed plush and gloves for maximum potency and enjoyment.
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You are so lucky to have the options available. Sadly living in an apartment building means scent control is a challenge. Did have a bottle of pure quill in the storage locker but the metal cap degraded and leaked into the mason jar.
i haven't ever seen a skunk but I want to get sprayed by one so bad. Some problems are what is my family going to think. What are my friends going to think. My neighborhood doesn't have skunks in it as far as I know and a camp I am going to this summer is said to have lots of skunks but I don't want to get sprayed in front of everyone. I am only I kid and I don't have much freedom. I really want to be sprayed but I don't have the right time. What should I do?
Tybron · 36-40, M
I would recommend just getting sprayed up, preferably with a friend, and just play it off as an accident, people might laugh for a little bit but just own up to enjoying the scent and by and large I find people generally don't care. You might even find other friends that like it too. As you've seen there's a nice community here of people that enjoy the scent and the polls show over 10% of Americans secretly enjoy it (though most of them greatly prefer it mild and on the wind, the full spray is too strong even for them).

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I Love Skunk Stink
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