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When did a penis become so offensive?

Now that I have your attention. I figure people so easily offended these days, that this would barely scratch the surface

The point I'm making is there is nothing wrong with human body. There nothing wrong with being challenged.

I don't everyone's view is correct but that is no different person to person. When did having a reasoned debate become being a lefty liberal person with mind who questions things

My point being that we should be able to question each other's views without being mean, harsh, abusive.

There is always a balance in life, we need that more everywhere and it's missing in huge swathed of people

If you feel you aren't doing enough, aren't understanding enough. That try, try harder.

Once you know you are trying than we are getting somewhere.

I'm posting this partly because of recent news that certain radio stations want to censor Fairytale of New York and yes I get how it could be. Although being an Irish person we are more than used to being put down and made little of.

It could be considered offensive of course but if you are going that far. Then why have music, comedy, arts etc

Does this mean that Michelangelo's David is offensive because it depicts a penis? (open ended question, make up your own mind)

I mentioned before about balance and there needs to be a balance between becoming a stronger person or letting society make it easier for you

The former seems to missing lately
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missbeez · 26-30, F
I agree and a pussy is better haha
andrewbarclave · 31-35, M
[@486083,missbeez] Can't argue with that
PhlipipUK · 61-69, M
Totally agree. People need to learn to laugh at themselves and not get 'offended' when other people laugh at them ♊♀️♂️♐⚧🎗️
TexChik · F
Not everyone agrees with your views, and minors should not be involved. Common decency still matters to many.
This is the new age where if you celebrate Thanksgiving with your family your constitutional rights will be violated and you will be arrested in the oppressive blue states. However in those same states if you choose to riot, destroy property and loot or protest in mass, that is perfectly ok
PhlipipUK · 61-69, M
[@113373,TexChik] Do what? ♊♀️♂️♐⚧🎗️
andrewbarclave · 31-35, M
[@113373,TexChik] You clearly didn't read the whole post. It wasn't focused on that

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