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Warning ⚠ This Is Not Interesting and Just Venting (I might remove it later)

I have to complain about this before I go insane. I'm just so tired of my sister always treating me as her enemy. She's seriously such a complicated person and she is always the victim and always complaining at something it's insane being around her even if we like go to a mall or a beach or a ride with her car or whatever she litteraly starts complaining about anything instead of trying to enjoy her time. And it doesn't stop there, she'd start yelling in the middle of the street if me or my other younger sister are with her and we get sick of her complaints.

I don't think my parents dropped her on her head as a kid. It's like some people see the glass half full and others see it half empty but no she doesn't even notice the glass and she's always half a second away from getting pissed she'd sometimes walk into the kitchen with only one goal which is to find something to make a problem out of it.

I really try to contain her and I always try to invite her to go for walks with me and my other sister so she doesn't feel left out and whenever she needs something I try to offer her help and sometimes it gets too much like she asks me to order a product or whatever for her and she keeps like standing next to me waiting for me to close whatever I'm doing on my laptop and visit the links she sent me and I have to be very quick or else she gets pissed it's unbelievable. I have no idea how her bf deals with her.

I really would end up killing myself if I dealt with my life the way she deals with hers I mean problems will never go away but there's a damn time for everything. She's always complaining about something and today she wanted to borrow something from me and after she did I was like no I kinda like I and I complained a little that she wouldn't give it and all she does is she went and grabbed it and threw it in my cupboard and left without saying a word just to try to make me feel guilty, it was a freaking bed sheet lol
She never lets anyone near her stuff even my mom.

Besides all that she can have her nice moments and she sometimes feels guilty but again just dealing with her drama is insane and so tiring. I really like simple people who are easy to deal with.
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ozgirl512 · 26-30, F
I think some people just fail at life... Good luck!
LunaWolfSoul · 26-30, F
She sounds like a narcissist

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