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I Believe There Are No Coincidences

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Do you ever see repeating numbers? 🤔 I do
all the time, like 333, 555, and 111. I see
it on the clock, license plate numbers, and
even TV.👀 11:11 is a big one for me and I
feel lucky when I see it. The number 11 is
a master number which signifies intuition,
insight, and enlightenment. If you begin to
see this number it means you are spiritually
awakening. ☺️✨🌟

P.S. I had to edit this to mention my featured
"I Love Music" post. The number of hearts is 111 😜
SW User
Yes 11 everywhere & multiples of it too💕✨
Peaches · F
[@987995,Wrenna] 😉👌🏼
Meehh · 26-30, F
All the time, for about two months now, which is what made me start paying attention to it. Every day, every time I look at my phone I see repeating numbers.
Peaches · F
[@1019760,IDidNotFart2] AWESOME!😉 They're considered "angel numbers" and is also talked about in numerology.
Meehh · 26-30, F
[@364304,Peaches] Interesting, I should read more about that.
DeWayfarer · 61-69, M
Not as much as I use to. I am no longer time oriented as I once was. I get up, when I get up.

Being of a math background has also turned me off of numerology. That and because my favorite number is 13! Too much negativity is associated with that number.

Yet still 13 is my favorite number! I was born on the thirteenth! 😈 My dad escaped prison camp on the 13th, and got out of the hospital after a major head injury on the 13th, they thought initially that he would die, and so forth.
Peaches · F
[@412417,DeWayfarer] WOW! You do have some stories to tell...💕💜
DeWayfarer · 61-69, M
[@364304,Peaches] Part of my fathers early story I believe I have posted. He had a very hard life. More so than most.
Peaches · F
[@412417,DeWayfarer] I understand and truly respect their knowledge and wisdom, 😔they got it from much more than just book learning.
ZenPearl · F
All the time. 11:11, 12:12, 222, I have even seen 1234
Peaches · F
[@674752,ZenLioness] I've got Mr.C hooked on noticing them now, 🤭every time he sees them he jumps up and says "look, look, did you see it?!"😄
ZenPearl · F
[@364304,Peaches] hahahahahaa
Montanaman · M
You too!😆👍🤗
Peaches · F
[@701855,Montanaman] All the time! 🙃👍🏼😜
SW User
Loads :)
Peaches · F
[@949508,V00dooCakeNinja] I love reading about not so ordinary things like this.🙂
SW User
[@364304,Peaches] me, it fascinates me
Diamonddog · 26-30, M
Yeah I get that a lot like 111 333 etc.
I'm not sure i believe in definitions but I've had synchronous things happen before when i see that a lot.
Peaches · F
[@877165,Chaoticneutral] 😉
StarLily · 46-50, F
Yes, every single day! 11 and 111 is what I see the most, and often 22 and 44. My receipt at Walmart yesterday was $11.11 I've been seeing 717 a lot lately too, and today I kept seeing 77 and 7777!
Yes, and other connections too ... 7.47am is known as 'Airplane Time" here, and 2.02pm reminds me of ten-pin bowling.
Echoing · 61-69, F
4s are my magical number. I see 4444s on license plates, I look and it's 4:44. Been doing this for a long time. kinda cool too!
Zonuss · 41-45, M
Peaches · F
[@322117,Zonuss] Thank you Zonie!😉

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