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I Am Comfortable Wearing Lingerie

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[image=]OH YES!! Not only am I comfortable, I think that's an under statement. Whether it's a slip, panties and bra or one of my beautiful negligees, I am in total bliss.

As I sit here right now in a pink negligee and write this story I find it just as comfortable and sexually stimulating as it was many, many years ago when I was very young.

Maybe when I was a very young boy I might have been somewhat uncomfortable only because I feared getting caught.

When I look way, way back to my earliest desires I have to laugh about what was going thru my head at that time.

I remember standing naked in front of my mothers closet and touching and feeling all her nightgowns. The craving to take one off the rack and put it on was so over powering yet there was a fear in me that was saying " If you put that nightgown on you can not go back to being a boy and your private parts will fall off." LOL...

Well moving forward many, many years. I never listened to that little voice inside me and I have enjoyed wearing lingerie ever since and my privates never fell off.

Yes, I am very comfortable wearing lingerie and I think my life would have been very different without it and if that were the case I would have missed out on something so wonderful and enjoyable to wear, not to mention how it feels to pleasure yourself in it.

P.S. The nightie I am wearing in the above picture was the last nightie my mom owned before she past away. When going thru all of her belongings I couldn't help but to take this cute nightie for myself. Hope mom doesn't mind.
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I sometimes find myself reflecting on what brought me to this point also. Your memories are spot-on for my earliest instances, though my Mother didn't have sexy underthings, at least not the ones you mention, although I Always wonder if she did, but they were put away so much that I couldn't find them! Instead I found myself looking at her bras especially, as my first encounter with panties were my sister's, and she wasn't quite old enough for a brassiere yet, even my Mom's most basic bras were wonderful, and I paired them with the panties I started buying, although it wasn't long before I mustered the courage to buy my own, in the styles I found that I liked in the advertisements from the newspaper. Great post, it's bright back delightful recollections!!!!!!
I was fortunate that my mom was very feminine and always wore dresses. I didn't start by wearing her lingerie, I started with my sisters layered nightie that she gave me to wear one day when we were playing dress-up. I loved it so much I kept it and wore it every chance I got until I had a growth sprit and it wouldn't fit anymore that was when I started to wear my moms lingerie. Sadly it wasn't until I got married that I found the courage to shop for my won lingerie. Up until then I only had what I got from my mom and what I found at laundry-matts.
I bet she doesn't mind :)
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Very beautiful

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I Am Comfortable Wearing Lingerie
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