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Slurpee disappointment

OK so a number of years ago, when I was in college, I worked at 7-11. I already had a robust Slurpee addiction so I probably shouldn't have worked there,, but ... it's too late for that advice -- so shut it!
In the long run that might have killed my Slurpee addiction... or appetite for them at all. I have gone years without even having a single one. Then, recently, I was at a Japanese restaurant and they brought my date and I complimentary slush drinks, basically a lemonade Slurpee a'la Jaiponaise. So today when my youngest comes to me and asks me to take him to 7-11 to get their mother a buncha candy bars (really, a buncha) I knew that he was also going to grab a Slurpee... and I started contemplating that soft cool slushy treat...
I decided it was safe and alright to have one. They have 10,000 flavors, and me, being a Slurpee mixologist, knew that I could find the perfect combination for my discerning palette. When I went in they had pared it down to 6 active flavorrs and the slurpee area was a mess. They only had 2 sizes of cups (supposed to have like ...5) and they had stuck cups of those 2 sizes into the holes for the other sizes in case they get inspected. That made it hard for me to discern whether I was getting the large or the hyper-mega-ultra-large. I wanted a medium. Now the flavors... hmmm. OMG there really aren't even 6. I had decided on banana, that 7-11 seems to always have banana. The banana was a middle school diorama of an summertime iceberg; a slushy frozen mass floating in a syrupy mess. OK, maybe the slush will be what comes out when I ... aww, boo it's not. Just yellow water came from the spout so, not wanting to go home with someone's ill-hydrated golden shower I went on the hunt for another flavor or combo. Let's see... The best working flavors were peach and cola. I DO NOT LIKE PEACH. I worked a summer at a peach orchard and seeing them in the store still makes my arms and back itch. Argh. Cola sometimes adversely affects my bowels... well, it used to after 3 years of swilling cola Slurpees like they were the breath of life. Leaves Vitamin water lemonade... oops that's not frozen, so we're down to 2; Vitamin water Strawberry Lemonade and some other flavor that's like such a mega mix that they don't have a name reflectory of anything identifiable from nature or science.
So Strawberry lemonade it is,
fill a cup,
not small,
that other size,
whatever it is,
and a zot of cola for zing
... not enough to affect my colon,
experiment with lids to find the right size -- I think the clerks just played ring-toss getting the lids loaded in there --
try wrong lids 3 times resulting in wasted lids,
toss lids I touched because -- COVID.
and go pay.
I go to the car after my son because in all this experimenting to get the right drink and lids, and paying with the slow clerk, I took a while... which he verified with "That took you awhile." I start rolling down the road and try my 1st sip... and ... it's ... not Strawberry Lemonade. sip sip sip. It's a little too zingy... sip sip sip...
It's just not right, but I can't ... sip sip sip... put my finger on... sip sip AUGH it's cherry.
Oh and I also don't like cherry.
In fact i hate it, I hate slurpees I hate that 7-11, and that slow clerk since I'm betting he just played ring-toss with the syrup canisters, too. And though Cherry won he didn't see fit to change the sign.. just reasoned that they're both red so...

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