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I Am Expressive

A little girl peeks out shyly from behind a sunflower .
Her hair on fire with light
She is alone
Tears pour from her eyes
But she is very quiet.
She puts her little hand out..
Love me?
She whispers...
So low maybe it is inaudible.
Hold me?
Im afraid....
A prince appears.
He holds her hand.
He talks to her
He listens...
She holds on to him
For the first time she trusts
He is one of us
He wont hurt us
We have the same scars...
I love you he said.
Ill hold you forever
I want you forever
Ill never hurt you or leave you I promise.
She promises too.
Her heart belongs to him and she is loyal.
I have to go away baby he said
But Ill be back for you ..
I promise.
No matter what the demons in the woods whisper she won't believe
She cries and waits
And dies inside
The demons tear at her little dress...
Scratch her face
And call her names.
This is familiar ..
She fights and runs away
She won't believe
My angel would never do this to me.
Blood dripping from her legs and face..
She holds tight to his feeling and breathes dead .
Lying glassy eyed and alone.
Didnt he know I'm not like the other girls?
I won't just forget
Or find a new Prince.
Her Sunflower has died.
Her tears never dry.
And her soul grew up
And gave up.
Love threw her away.
So what can she trust now?
No more light plays on her hair.
I am a fucking psycho.
The wolves and demons better fucking hide. ...
Lena200 · 51-55, F
Absolutely beautiful!
@Lena200 :) I agree. I don't like to be disrespectful to ladies though...Thank you.
Lena200 · 51-55, F
@SW-User You are very welcome 💖
@Lena200 :) 💖
nothingman · M
no poetic off stage lines ,the prince died along the way
@nothingman hell never die to me
This is tragically beautiful.
Hopefully one day a better prince will bring the light back.
@SW-User There is no better Prince. He is my perfection.
This message was deleted by the author of the main post.
@Danez This enrages me. Go away. Only he can answer my poem with a poem.

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