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I Feel Abandoned

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i've been watching alot of YouTube videos about what makes men disappear and why they'd be too busy to communicate for days. i don't buy the "too busy" story, because i don't see how anyone can be too busy to call or send an email or text every minute of the day for several days. Anyway, the explanation i get from YouTubers is simple. Disinterest and not being worth his time and effort. Whatever he's doing is just more important than me, his sleep is more important, his rest is more important. i can't feel settled when someone i'm supposed to be with can sleep without having said a word to me in over 12 hours. i envision that he became busy and that he forgot that i even exist for days, maybe it will be a week before i'm remembered. i wonder if i am just supposed to sit and wait for someone who isn't giving me the time of day. i think that i will not sit and wait.
36-40, F
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Oct 30, 2017
Sarabee · 36-40
Oh honey , males just know if they don't earn a paycheck they can't spoil us ❤️
shimmeringrose · 36-40, F
[@545328,Sarabee] They also can't spoil us if they don't see or talk to us. Well.. i suppose there can be the mailing of packages.
Sarabee · 36-40
[@9308,shimmeringrose] special delivery of a vibrator is nice
newgirl · 51-55, F
There is a saying - Silence speaks volumes.
JarJarBoom · 36-40, F
eh, I'm kinda torn on this....when you are just dating you kind of expect to get a lot of attention but when you are married that attention kinda dies because there is no incentive once they have you.. Its better just to settle for the happy medium.
shimmeringrose · 36-40, F
[@21000,JarJarBoom] It doesn't matter what job he has. Unless he's deployed to serve the military or works on a secret government project, there's no way he can't spare a few minutes to talk every day or even stay awake an extra 30 seconds to text goodnight.
JarJarBoom · 36-40, F
[@9308,shimmeringrose] well I was specifically thinking if he had some dangerous military assignment or was an undercover cop of some sort. I think at that point, you just need to communicate what you want from him...if he can't provide it..move on.
shimmeringrose · 36-40, F
[@21000,JarJarBoom] Your ideas are good reasons. Those are the only valid and acceptable reasons short of being unconscious.
shimmeringrose · 36-40, F
maybe he was busy repairing diesel trucks to haul rescue items to the coast of fla for hurricane victims on one of the us owned islands .
ronisme1 · 61-69, M
i'm guilty too and i'm sorry
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I Feel Abandoned
Stories from people who feel like they have been abandoned by people close to them
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