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I Have a Date Tonight

Read the above story.

My date wanted me to pay for my own movie ticket because his cousin died and he has to cover funeral expenses. This is what he told me...he asked me "do you mind paying for your own movie ticket?" and I said I didn't bring my debit card and he was the one who asked me out.

I don't know if I want to see this guy or any guy anymore. I would rather get a sex change to become a man to show every man how to be a real man and how to treat a someone like me when I was a woman.
SW User
Wow... you're an asshole. Pay for your own shit for fuck sakes.
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[@760047,MarmeeMarch] that's why you dudes always broke, cause you buying meaningless stuff for girls thinking you gonna get pussy that night and then you go home with blue balls and empty pockets wonder what went wrong and thinking all women are scam artists.
[@508294,theartlady] Again dumbbell - its the movies ! not Shreve and Co. So you got it all figured out - we get nothing and go home with blue balls - and of course empty pockets.

And yes there are scam artists - so let me test my understanding - Man [b][i][u]asks[/u][/i][/b] a woman to the show , man pays for the show - then goes home not getting any ? Am I missing something ? who says a man has to get anything for taking a woman to the show ? Where the hell were you raised ? in an adult book store ?
[@508294,theartlady] OK - I am just realizing it - I get it... You had some bad experiences with men and now you are a bitter winning little creep. Hey lady take off the feminist patch for one second - but then again it may not be possible. Sorry that you have had bad experiences with men. But then again they prob. did not have a very fun time with you. And I dont mean that in a sexual way. But your pea brain prob. already processed it as such.
Sooooooo his cousin died and he is the midst of taking care of funeral arrangements - so he goes to the movies ? What a fucken lier- dump this asshole , the lies are just going to go downhill. You should feel insulted that he got away with telling you this bullshit.
quitwhendone · 46-50, M
That was wrong of him. You don't ask a woman on a date and not be able to pay. But on the other hand, it's no reason to not see him anymore. Maybe he just didn't have the money. Would you have gone out with him if he said he didn't have any money upfront?

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I Have a Date Tonight
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