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I Hate My Life

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My so called Mother’s boyfriend’s family is threatening my life and are about ready to abduct me and force me to be a Giggalo for all the Hindu teenage girls that they’re going to adopt because my so called Mother who is a Hindu from India, told her boyfriend’s family whom are all Caucasian that I was a product of a Black man raping her, when I share no blood with her. I was just waking up and my life was threatened this morning, it’s a good thing that I didn’t open the door because a member of my so called Mother’s boyfriend’s family, who sounded like an older woman was standing outside my bedroom door calling me an “ugly Nigger”’s a good thing that I didn’t have to go to the bathroom, being that I was so sleepy I just got angry and afraid and went back to sleep.

Can somebody please help me? I’m afraid and I’m a seizure sufferer.
100+, F
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Mar 16, 2019
Edited: 3 mths ago
tidywhites · M
You obviously have a phone, tablet, computer device. [b]Get this nonsense recorded![/b]
tidywhites · M
In psychological terms what you are experiencing is called “projection.” Its where you project your darkest fears on others. When you call me a psycho it really means that you’ve exposed your darkest fear. Your abusive language directed at someone who took the time to show concern for you is classic psycho behavior. Maybe everything you’ve written is a complete schizoid fantasy too. Now that you’ve been exposed for what you are, don’t expect any real help from anyone here.
You’re a PSYCHOPATH!!! Get help immediately before you kill someone! [@573853,tidywhites]
By the way, you’ve been reported for your revolting comments! [@573853,tidywhites]
MayRey · 51-55, F
It's gigolo. Spelling is important when you add it to your resume
Dumb fuck [@335855,MayRey]
MayRey · 51-55, F
[@409520,STARRYSTARRYNIGHT] use a dictionary. Or probably google would be better for you. Look up the word gigolo? And by the way, given internet access, I seriously doubt the first place a victim would turn is Similar Worlds.
You don’t know people’s circumstances and my so called Mother’s boyfriend’s family have listening devices, dummy! [@335855,MayRey]
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I Hate My Life
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Updated: 3 days ago
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