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I Hate My Life

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I need to find a way out, because I may be starting work soon and if I have to wake up with poison in my system, I won’t wake up in time for work at all and my so called Mother’s boyfriend’s family continues to drug me and hasn’t drugged me for ages, now that it’s coming time for me to go back to work, they’re starting to drug me again and I think they’re also drugging me because I cussed out Asha Rangappa on Twitter who actually responded and had gotten the entire world of support against me, when all her people do is use me for sex and give me a hard time because she is a Hindu from India, so. Now, my so called Mother’s boyfriend’s family wants to take me in a guilt trip over Hindus of India once again because my so called Mother claimed that I was a product of a Black man raping her. My so called Mother’s boyfriend’s family does not like Black or oriental people and considers them the same thing, where two of her boyfriend’s family members, Arthur Martunovich, and Luchinskaya, whom were on the news, attacked oriental people while these poor people were minding their own business and doing their jobs, going about their main point is that Luchinskaya and Martunovich are acting as if they don’t know one another and Martunovich lied and said he was hearing voices and looking at documentaries which made him kill three Chinese men in a restaurant that I normally go to and Luchinskaya, who is a top shot lawyer, attacked a Chinese woman on the subway and beat her with an umbrella, where she was released on bail and when Martunovich pretends to have mental illness and is actually getting medication in jail and had killed three Chinese men with a jack hammer, when he’s a racist psychopath and Luchinskaya was freed on bail after she beat up a Chinese lady weeks from when Martunovich attacked and had murdered three Chinese men in a restaurant that they’d owned, they are walking freely and getting the best treatment and living their lives and going to work, when I got arrested for making an online threat being that I was living in fear of these Psychopaths working around my time clock and doing things to me while I was having seizures and while I was not home, switching food, because they had listening devices, I have to pay the price today because the District Attorney wouldn’t let my case go...they keep prolonging it when I told them that I made that online threat to get the premises in which I reside investigated because I was tired of being sexually abused and drugged both intravenously and orally...just the other night I felt like one of my so called Mother’s boyfriend’s family members was going to penetrate me and if he did, being that I felt a sting in my vaginal opening and still have a hymen that’s extremely strong and hard to break, I could’ve bled to death and they would’ve forced me to walk and I would’ve given up and tried to walk and once they’d abducted me, they would’ve forced me to be a Giggalo for all the Hindu teenage girls that they plan on adopting from more thing, there was another Chinese woman off the Coney Island train who was attacked by a Caucasian man and I believe that his sketch matched the exact description of a man I’d seen with salt and pepper hair and a clean shave and a lanky body standing over me while I was having seizures and I couldn’t make out what he was doing to me. I’m so fed up and I think that at this point, the law would have to be afraid to investigate because it’s a whole family against me, they all have listening devices, some of them work for law enforcement and have valid badges, yet, they’re all psychopaths.

I don’t know why Chinese / oriental people are a target for my so called Mother’s boyfriend’s family, what I do know is that I order a whole lot of Chinese food and that’s what usually saves me from a hungry belly when I can’t eat the food in the refrigerator because I suspect that it’s drugged or had tasted it the day before to know so, so I think my so called Mother’s boyfriend’s family want me to either be hungry so I could “eat my Mother’s pussy” like their voices echoing in my head normally tell me or just be drugged and not functional at all.
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Mar 15, 2019
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I Hate My Life
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