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I Hate My Life

I bought a new book by Andrew McCabe, ex FBI agent for the USA, and I planned on reading it, but as soon as my so called mother comes through the door, she cusses at me and hurts my feelings and tells me a series of nasty things about myself that are untrue, and now I am unable to put my mind to anything like reading...the last time I read a book was like ten years ago or so, and it took me three years to read it because I was never a reader, being that my so called Mother, whom is a Hindu from India that didn’t want to see me get by because I’m Indo Guyanese and I share no blood with her, obviously, and her two White Caucasian boyfriends and the second boyfriend’s entire family have been drugging me on and off since I was very small, just a child and my so called Mother’s real family whom were Hindus of India had stolen my parents’ keys and drugged them into a bitter divorce, where my so called Mother stole my real Mother’s identity in India and had my real Mother abducted and murdered after my so called Mother stole my real Mother’s identity. And from thereon, that monster took over my household and had a whole White Caucasian family drug me so badly that I hated books and failed all of my English classes which shocked people because they’d tell me “how can you fail English, English is the language that we speak every day...” and I was lost for words, I was speechless because what I wanted to respond to them by saying was simply that “I am not a reader and cannot create the scene in my mind that the Author is telling me to create through his or her writing, and if you ask me why, all I’ll tell you that I see are black words on a white piece of recycled looking paper that are staring back at me...” I was not imaginative, I lacked basic understanding and I couldn’t reason, as my so called Mother had always told me and she would hit me when I don’t understand my schoolwork...I just didn’t have the piece of mind and patience to read, which is very saddening for any child not to do or any adult or maybe even a teenager that reads this...I started to grasp reading too late in life...I’m very good at reading aloud, even to myself, but because I was so drugged as a child, I was never able to make sense of what I’d read and this is possibly why I didn’t make it to the big leagues and succeed in college or a real High School, as I had to Pursue my studies in a special education high school for two years upon being taken out of my real high school because my so called Mother told the psych unit that she put me in specifically, that, I “could not function in a [i][b]REAL HIGH SCHOOL[/b][/i]...”

I do hope that no child out there winds up like me, because in the United States of America, the land of every opportunity and where all dreams come true, I was never able to get by because of Hindus of India who spited me because I was Indo Guyanese/Indo Caribbean mixed and originally had ancestry from a third world country...

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