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Uncle Stan's Pizza Van

The restaurant was as dead as could be that night. The fluorescent lights buzzed over the clean booths and tables with the empty parking lot beyond- only their delivery van could be seen. Among the lights of the city, other folks were probably busy drinking or partying. Jeff however, was stuck manning the front counter of Uncle Stan's Pizza Van. In the kitchen, the steady cadence of chopping vegetables could be heard as the knife clapped against the cutting board. The new hire- a skinny guy named Lance, busied himself sweeping the sidewalk just outside the front door. Soon his sweeping slowed to a halt as he wandered over to the corner of the building and lit up a smoke.

Jeff was brought back from the brink of sleep by the blaring of the phone. The pudgy middle aged man hopped off his stool and picked up the phone before it could begin another fit of noisy clattering on the hook.

"Uncle Stan's Pizza Van, how may I help you?"

One mothership pizza with everything, plus drinks and sides. He was noting the order down and finished the call just as Lance came back inside.

"We got a big one boys, get that oven fired up!" Jeff called.

Their most senior pizza chef, a short Hispanic guy named Mario, stuck his head out of the kitchen and saluted with his assistant, Alex.

"We need all hands in the kitchen," Jeff informed Lance when he came back inside.

Lance nodded and put aside the broom as Jeff moved out from behind the counter, revealing that he was wearing no clothing of any kind below the waist. His big hairy nuts swung about freely in the open air as he went into the kitchen.

Minutes later, steam rose from the fresh baked pizza as the four of them stood in a circle around it. Jeff stood between Lance an Alex, his gut casting a shadow over the piping hot pepperonis and flatlands of melted cheese. Onions, peppers, garnishments of every variety embedded in the surface of the pie.

"I'll take care of the drinks," Mario said as he ran over to another counter and hopped up on it. He squatted over the first cup of soda, allowing his balls to steep in the drink.

Those at the table whipped out their cocks in preparation. Jeff had a big fat chode while Alex was longer but also skinnier. Lance's cock was fairly average, though a bout of stage fright caused his cockhead to bob dangerously close to the surface of the pizza. He held it until it was hard enough to stand proudly on its own.

They began to spank their sausages in unison. Alex went at the fastest pace, quickly leaning as he braced himself on the counter with his free hand. Jeff cupped his balls close to his body as he went at it. Lance was having some trouble getting revved up at first. He had to resort to imagining his hot neighbor trapped halfway in the oven with her pussy in the air. That seemed to work.

Alex was the first to reach a climax. His first couple bursts of jizz overshot the pizza and glazed the counter but he quickly corrected and came on the direct center of the pie. Lance was next, jerking himself out of a desire to get this over with more than anything. Next thing he knew, he was shooting thick ropes over the pizza. As he was letting the last few drops fall to the crust, Jeff spoke up from beside him.

"Mario! I need you to do the thing. I'm almost there!"

The chef sighed from where he was nearly finished teabagging the drinks. He lowered his face getting into character and then popped it back up.

"Hey! Gilbert Godfried here and I want you to suck my asshole!"

The grating impression was spot on. Jeff's back shot straight upright and he put a death grip on Lance's shoulder as a quaking orgasm started rocking his body.

"Sweet lord jesus.."

Jeff called out to the ceiling as he flooded the pizza with a tidal wave of jizz. The pie was looking more like a thickly iced cake once he was done evacuating his balls.

"Good job boys," Jeff said once he had caught his breath.

The pizza was boxed up and sent out with Lance to make the delivery. Jeff always said it- "They want everything. That means everything,"

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