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I Love My Little Brother

My little brother Will is 9 years younger than me. For that reason, I've always been very protective of him. He's 18 now (which is hard to believe!) and I'm 26. I love him more than I could express.

I recently read a Yahoo story about two brothers who texted during the Parkland shooting, both afraid for their lives, but assuring each other that they would make it out okay (which they did, and it's brought them closer).

Reading that story was incredibly sad but also uplifting. I couldn't imagine how I'd react if my brother were in danger like that, especially if we were both in it together and I felt there wasn't anything I could do to protect him. But the story also showed the triumph of a brotherly bond, which is incredibly important. So many people I know are estranged from their siblings and I'm glad that I'm not, even despite our difference in age.

I hope I'm always close with my brother and I hope more people appreciate their siblings :)
This is a great post! I have an older brother that is 8 years older than me. We have been close most of my life.

I love the guy, but we have had some really bad arguments over the last decade that have caused a big rift. I dont really hang out with him much anymore. I kind of dont want to.

I know we will sort it out but the major issue on my part is how I am regularly treated as though I am less than him. I am less experienced, less wise, less capable, etc. I'm 42 now and he still does not give my input much weight. It has gotten to the point where I can't bring myself to be around that sort of atmosphere. I feel like a kid around him.

I only bring it up as a bit of precaution for you and your brother. I'm not saying that you treat your younger brother the same as my older brother treats me, but i imagine the dynamic is pretty common to varying degrees amongst most siblings.

It's just interesting to me because your brother is 18 now. He's legally an adult. As much as you want to protect him, he may start to resent you for it as he grows older. Just be careful is all. He may be looking for less and less protection from you and more and more freedom to make his own mistakes as the years go by.

Being your brothers protector may be a hard role to shake, but in my opinion, less is often more in the long run.

Hopefully none of that came across preachy. It wasn't meant to. I'm just trying to share my experiences so they may help you and your brother keep a good bond.
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[@796383,BetterOffBread] Thank you for your input. I can certainly understand that. I mean, I remember changing my brother's diapers, so there will always be a part of me that sees him as a kid and I don't think that can ever truly change, but I don't treat him that way. Yes, I'm protective, but I've also made a point of not giving him unsolicited advice, especially now that he's an adult in college and making his own decisions. I just make sure that he knows I'm always there for support. :)
Adie369 · 31-35, F
[@616462,QUINN221] I am of mine too
Adie369 · 31-35, F
[@616462,QUINN221] sent you a message please can you reply
Thatonekid236 · 22-25, F
I feel the same way about my little sisters love them to death
your love and protectiveness of your brother is something i highly respect, i feel the same in regards to my 8 year old brother Axel, if someone tries to hurt him, he won't even have the time to move his hand to lay a finger on him that my fist will come crashing into his skull
SmileSunshine · 31-35, F
Thanks for the refresher...sometimes siblings bicker but at the end of the day I’m thankful and grateful to have them in my life. :)
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That's nice words to say about your brother
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Nice. My sis and I are a yr apart and close.
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But i can [b]NEVER[/b] even have one , I will always be alone.
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Brothers are important

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