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AR-15 or AK-47?
26-30, M
20 replies
4 days ago
Moosepantspatty · 26-30, M
An ak is auto, I'll take it.
Silverwings · 61-69, F
It gives you a sense of power right?
SamtheDog · M
AK-47, but for a outsider choice I would go the Steyer Aug, sort of like a mid range sniper, sub machine and assault rifle all in one rifle.
OwnerOfMany · 90-99, M
[@1390,AwakeningConfession9] I hate to tell you, I really do, but the SKS is a rifle all to itself. It originated in Russia and was later made in several other countries including China. The Chinese version is the lesser expensive one you can buy and the most available. I have a Norinco SKS (Chinese) that was a post war arsenal. It has had less than 100 rounds put through it. It fires the same ammo as the AK47, 7.62x39.
The AK47 is another gun that originated in Russia but has been manufactured in many countries and in several versions, all basically the same.
[@506031,OwnerOfMany] never knew that, there you go. You learn something new every day 🙂
OwnerOfMany · 90-99, M
[@1390,AwakeningConfession9] If you ever want to read the history of a long lived battle rifle, study the Mosin Nagant. A long Russian bolt action that fired a 7.62x54R cartridge. It was first built in the late 1800s and is still used in some areas today. The M 91/30 PU Sniper was a preferred weapon for the Vietnamese snipers. Finland acquired a bunch of them, disassembled them, modified them, and made a better rifle. The Cadillac of which was the Finnish M-39. The most prolific sniper in history used a Finnish Mosin with iron sites only. His name was Simo Hayha, better known as "White Death". He was credited with 505 kills in 100 days during the winter war between Finland and Russia.
A lot of people talk bad about those old guns but the variations of them and the longevity of them and the history of them tell another story.
Masque · 31-35, M
I have one of those two. It's locked away until it is needed, which will probably never happen.
Biffed · 26-30, M
Ninja throwing knives
OwnerOfMany · 90-99, M
With no problems in the world and I am just pissing away ammo and time playing with something, the AR. If shit hits the fan and I need a gun, the AK.
pagandad · 61-69, M
Neither.... I'll take the Ruger Mini 14.
Tracos · 46-50, M

I'm taking the AR.

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