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I Have a Confession

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So when I was really little like 3 or 4 my great grandma would pick me up from daycare or preschool, and I'd hang out at her house. She had these wooden bowls that I'd grab, and I'd fill them with the pretzels that she always kept in her cupboard. Then I would go to the back room, set my bowl on the ground, walk back towards the hallway, open the closet, grab my bucket of legos and haul them over to my spot in front of the old TV. I'd turn on cartoons with the huge remote control, and munch on pretzels as I tried to find something to watch while I messed with legos and waited for mom to cone get me.
My great grandparents didn't pass until I was 14 or so, and I got along with them really well.
I was handed some pretzels the other day, and I almost cried when I ate them because I couldn't stop thinking of my grandparents.
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Jan 18, 2019
Cantsayno · 51-55, M
Great memories. Every now and then I’ll drink root beer. My grandparents would have it. Just the smell of it brings me back to the memories of visiting with them.
[@587154,Cantsayno] same with the pop Squirt for me. My grandma would drink it with Gin. 😂
Have tears of appreciation and warmth.
It is tough, and can be very tough.
It is very special to experience grandparents at all. They are super special.
I'd watch-up some Darkwing Duck, snacking just the same.
It's comforting revisiting that space of being, where there was safety and where there was comfort.. so to celebrate, even if it is sort of sad, to have had those times can kind of do something I think a lot of people totally leave out of life today:

seeing that those moments can still be had these days.
I guess that means heart, or warmth, the kind as close as possible to what grandparents can offer.

Great grandparents are super great!
Even fewer people get to experience those!
I'm sure they were as grateful to have spent time with you as you now are able to remember them
[@727904,LomeMarsupial] I think you're right. Thank you for you comment (:
[@330879,boklenholley7] Keep remembering good inspiring things! Honor those influences! =]
The world needs em, so you're an archeologist in a way =P
[@727904,LomeMarsupial] Haha that's a good way to think of it. I like that. (:
Virgo79 · 56-60, M
We all have those memories of being at the grandparents house.
So strange though, I'm eating pretzels now😳
[@349935,Virgo79] lol that is kinda strange.
Justsayit · 61-69, F
Tears are cleansing...nice memories!

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