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I Have a Confession
Those who know me well will know I have a thing about vegetables and fruits... baby aubergines are probably my favourites but courgettes 'hit the spot' too. When i first discovered the delights of phalic fruit as a teenager, though, I was into bananas. One afternoon when i'd got home early from school, I'd enjoyed a happy hour or so up close and personal with my favourite healthy snack and was enjoying the afterglow when Dad came home. 'Hi, Cee', he said, 'been up to anything interesting?' as he picked up my banana from the floor and began peeling it. I stared, mesmerised, unable to speak and feeling myself blush from the top of my head to the tips of my toes as Dad slid the fruit between his lips, closed his eyes and, with a contented ex<x>pression, said... 'Mmmmmm; that tastes good!'
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hahahahaha oh dear!
That is some dirty shit! I like it ;)
This has become one of my favorite stories now. OMG too funny.
Claudianovotny · 36-40, F
Tee hee... thanks; it's one of my favourite memories of my Dad!
That is so hot i loved it thanks ♥
My but you are a naughty little thing, aren't you!
Mm do you think he knew wat it tasted of xx
That is probably one of the best banannas he ever had. Great story!
Hey Claudia... you've really done it this time! Fun!
Wow how embarassing, lucky he never came home early lol
What a great story ! Ever tell your dad somewhere down the line ?
Claudianovotny · 36-40, F
ohhh...its really naughty, thing is he liked it.:-) and you never told.....:-)

you should put used fruit not reachable to him. Its like warning some chemical bottle, not reachable to children.:-)
OMG That is so erotic and so very naughty, at the same time. What a wonderfully sexy yet almost innocent way of connection with your Father. That is just so darn sexy!!! I just love this.......
the best banana he ever tasted
That's just sooooooo hot x

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