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I Am Married

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I have been with my husband over 20 yrs. When we started dating, life was simpler and sweeter. No Tinder, no bumble. No sexting. I truly think we were lucky to miss out on that. He picked me up with flowers in hand and opened the car door for me and kissed me on the cheek good night. All this before knowing every last detail of the other person because of a lengthy text session.

Still.. I am curious about the online hunt.. wishing I could just swipe right or left out of curiousity.
41-45, F
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Sep 3, 2018
Cowboybob · M
Many people indulge the curiosity. Just be careful!
Trayale · 41-45, F
[@389579,Cowboybob] This is good advice.. lol
Yeah. Well chivalry is dead. What’s bumble? I’ve never heard of that one before.
Trayale · 41-45, F
[@425079,MsAnnThropy] Maybe its just in Canada? My friends use the app for dating
[@796035,Trayale] Maybe.
canlem · 31-35
Curiosity is the adventure of a lifetime, maybe time to broaden your horizons !🤒
purplepen · 46-50, F
Oh you don't need to do any hunting! It's overrated and it quickly gets boring and stupid, especially if you already have someone!
Cowboybob · M
[@you should experiment on SW
Trayale · 41-45, F
[@389579,Cowboybob] Hmmmm
melbeacher · 51-55, M
[@796035,Trayale] but fun none the less
Well I have been single for two years. Trust me the swiping thing gets exhausting. Give me life before the internet ...
I have had some great experiences on Tinder. No regrets. And the guy I am with was on Tinder and we still giggle on how we met.
genericuser · 26-30, M
It never hurts to be a little curious. And in this instance it would be easy to indulge the curiosity without letting it get out of hand. Is the online hunt something you really want to pursue? It should at least be worth a laugh.
SW User
Nice. I’m married for an year now
Ghauzy · 46-50, M
I’ve been married for nearly 20 as well. I swipe for the most difficult reason: looking for a friend. I’m amazed on how many profiles say practically the same thing. They must be using a template.
melbeacher · 51-55, M
I hear you. Technology can be both a blessing and a curse!
Duality · 51-55, M
I totally get it. I’m married too. I’m craving another affair.
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I Am Married
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