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I Love Burger King

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There is A Burger King at my University, and legtimately every single day I'm at school (Which is around two days a week.) I get the Biggest Burger I can at the kiosk including fries and a drink, and even though it's about 12 dollars every time it's always worth it. It takes me almost an hour to eat and truly savor that shit. I always get zesty sauce and Ranch and I put half my fries and an entire packet of ranch on the top patty of my burger every single time and I just about die of a heart attack every time I eat it but I would have a hundred strokes before giving up Burger King, swear to Jesus.
22-25, F
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Sep 19, 2019
Oosure · M
It is good to find and embrace your passion in life!
Iamyourdaddy · 22-25, M
Iamyourdaddy · 22-25, M
[@987782,ChubbyCheesecake] it doesn't offend me. And I'm not judging you or anything.
ChubbyCheesecake · 22-25, F
[@854020,brokenswordsandshatteredshield] Cool deal. Yes I am, taking that as a question. 335 pounds. Feel like that qualifies me as a fatass.
HazelMotes · M
[@854020,brokenswordsandshatteredshield] Dude, referring to a fat woman as “fatass” is definitely being judgmental.
blackcar · 22-25, M
Well it sounds like you really enjoy burger king. Why stop ?
ChubbyCheesecake · 22-25, F
[@567763,blackcar] I'm not planning on cutting it out of my life. Might cut back, because I'm borderline prediabetic at the moment, but not stopping entirely by any means.
HazelMotes · M
What about the BK tacos? People either love them or hate them. I really like them, they remind me of Jack in the Box tacos which I haven’t had for over 2 years since I left the west coast.

Speaking of which, In-N-Out Burger beats BK any day.
ChubbyCheesecake · 22-25, F
[@1026,GeorgeWashingtonJr] In-N-Out is Ok, I have one next to my house. I guess I just prefer the "fake" taste that Burger King has over just regular beef patties and cheese on a bun. I haven't tried Burger King tacos. I like Jack in the box tacos well enough but I don't eat at Jack in the Box very often. It's just very mediocre all around.

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I Love Burger King
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