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I Am Trying to Find Happiness

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List of things that have gone wrong this year;

All clubs and activities have been canceled for school.

My work place is punishing me for doing my job properly and helping others for corruption.

I'm being bullied during my leadership class (a true irony there)

My girlfriend of 2 years broke up with me.

A friend of mine killed herself.

My friend the school librarian died of a heart attack.

2 girls were killed and hit by a train.

Prom is cancelled.

I will never get to DJ another dance.

My only friend who cares moved far away (it's good for her because she is finally happy with her home life)

Band was disbanded because we had no support.

And as always I'm. Stuck in this god forsaken hell hole of a rural village.

On the bright side I was accepted to the university of Toronto (:
18-21, M
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Mar 7, 2017
lily88mercy · 22-25, F
whoa, ES, you're in the pits now...and it is really understandable. Big hug to you!

Life will bring amazing opportunities and experiences to you...especially if you are open to them when you go to Toronto.

So take heart, be grateful for the wonderful times you had with your ex-gf, the friends who died, the music you played with your band.

All these memories will live on strongly in your soul if you let them. And if you let them they will be part of a wonderful vibration of the being you are and it is this vibe that will attract so many other wonderful folks into your life.
okaybut · 51-55, M
Happiness is inside your brain.

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I Am Trying to Find Happiness
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