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I Have Strict Parents

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I'd get a scolding or nagging if I ask to hang out with my friends - because my mum wants me to stay home to "study". But then she'd tell me I should have more outings to bond with people and not just stay cooped up in my room doing work .-.
18-21, F
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Aug 11, 2015
Tell her this:

Mom can i hang out with my friends because i had been studying for hours to finish .........and i needed some time to cope up with my social life.
Tell your parents you've been having high scores
Anneliese · 18-21, F
HAHA but they know my scores! XD
Yeah they'd think you're ignoring them
At lease she has a reason. "Can I [insert activity here]?" "No." "Why?" "Because I said so..." Logic.

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I Have Strict Parents
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