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I Have Gotten Hell Over My Political Views

Yes, that wall needs to be fortified, properly.

FOR THE record, I’m an independent.

And yes, Mexico leadership is to blame. There is that and greed. The greed is on both sides of the border.

It’s just that the dialogue? The storyline, isn’t straight. The why is pretty messed up. It is what it is. I feel that if the US was honest about the problem, there would be more support. Ironically.

No we don’t want the crazy gangsters that have taken Mexico hostage to cross our borders. Period. To compromise with our addicted population that MUST have drugs, we have to slowly legalize the use of marijuana. And make sure it’s not a black market operation. How do we do that?
The gangsters, meanwhile, have taken a page from the terrorists, and have decided to use innocent people as a shield. They’ve painted a story of hardship (that part is very true) and are hiding behind unsuspecting families and children, filling their minds with fairy tale endings. They think we can’t tell, we’ll because it’s incredulous what they are doing! We are not in the business of fighting a war on drugs (except in schools thanks to N. Reagans foresight and wisdom). It’s not the “Mexicans” were fighting, it’s druglords that have been kidnapping and destroying, burning, murdering like dictators do in other countries. Think Columbia taking over next door. But the problem is the power and money that is deeply rooted in every single American town because narcotics is BIG business. And no one wants that fight that war. Healthcare/insurance benefits from the problems that are created. Seriously, the mafias are winning. And we are “putting up a wall”. 51% of the problem is on our side but people are so separated from long can we keep it hidden. What are we going to do when that wall is built, but crime still grows rampantly with in. It’s just white collar crime, so it looks prettier, when doctors prescribe medications to poor addicts because we can’t live with or without the mobs money? It’s pretty scarey. This big white white collar lie. That’s just part of it. What about other spies that wish us great harm? Why does no one have courage — I know I don’t. But I thought our countries leaders were stronger than this. Secrets secrets secrets. It’s hard to see the truth. And supposedly decent people quitting others being fired because they’re tired of the farce and name calling. in Washington. We just can’t win can we. I’ve never had so much doubt about our leaders.

I can’t help but wonder...Mr McCain
God didn’t take you to soon, maybe he was simply having mercy on your hearts soul.
Because yes, our country is to blame when it turns a blind eye to greedy but very powerful people. Even the very wealthiest can only hope there will be justice or at the very least Karma.
I hope we don’t lose to the druglords of this country. Not just the ones with bad reputations. The ones with corporations. I wish it was just about oil these days. Oh wait, it never was.
Myselfatlast · 22-25, M
The biggest problem I have with the wall. Actually my only problem I have with it is it’s going to disrupt animal migration. Outside of that I’m all for it
Mindful · 51-55, F
The harm that the druglords and ( I can’t believe I’m saying this) the communist wish upon us is more serious than harm being done to animal life but a sensor system will do the same job. I say that, but the evil and greed that the druglords are capable of... the lengths to which they will go... require a walls existence to provide evidence of wrongdoing and an attack on US. It’s the most simple visible solution because druglords problem is way out of control[@691096,TheLivingCaramelFrappucino]
Montanaman · M
I admire you for your stance. 🤗👍
Mindful · 51-55, F
Thank you. my stance? It’s It’s a complicated problem we have. [@701855,Montanaman]
Montanaman · M
[@8567,OldMatron] yes, and it's good that it's brought up for discussion.👍
Mindful · 51-55, F
[@701855,Montanaman] I Remember you from EP. Good man.

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