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I Hate Hillary Clinton
Hillary is corrupt, that's a simple fact. She can't be trusted. There's just so much history, I mean Benghazi and she tries to blame a video? She uses an unsecured server, deletes tons of email using bleach bit and then says "Oops, it must have slipped my mind" like it was nothing? Wiped it? With a cloth? She's not that stupid and it's just an insult the way she talks down to everyone. And her health is a huge question mark. My quality of life has dropped significantly in the last 8 years and that's definitely not the change I was hoping for. And Hillary is promising more of the same. Is Trump God's gift to America? Probably not, but I don't believe Hillary or Obama really have America's best interests at heart.

She's been sleeping in the Devils bed.
BlueMetalChick · 26-30, F
Hell, if Richard Nixon can get elected to two goddamn terms and order the murder college students on campus, then just about anyone can get elected. I'd prefer Hilary to Trump, but I'd prefer ANYONE to Ted Cruz.
BlueMetalChick · 26-30, F
@BizSuitStacy: Do you actually want me to do so? Or do you just want to keep saying "Oh wait, you can't?" Because if you want me to, I will. But not if you keep telling me I can't.

You should consider being a politician yourself. You're incredibly talented at pretending things didn't happen.
BlueMetalChick · 26-30, F
@BizSuitStacy: It's so strange that you perfectly identify your own problem and then blame it on me. It's almost scary. You can flawlessly identify exactly what you've done wrong and then you accuse everyone else around you of doing it.
@BlueMetalChick: so where is your evidence that Nixon called in the Ohio National Guard to Kent State, and gave a shoot to kill order? Or are you just going to continue to change the subject?
sighmeupforthat · 41-45, M
My God you're the most incredibly stupid waste of sperm I've ever seen.

How do you do it?

I mean live day by day not wanting to flush your face down the toilet?
Scottrayne · 56-60, M
Great comment. And you explained your position so well! Next time you should just say "I don't agree with you but its because I'm stupid!"

You could comment with an opposing viewpoint or just string words together that mean nothing.

And finally: you demonstrate the required knowledge that I would expect from a Hillary supporter.
xSharp · 31-35, M
@signmeupforthat: you my friend, should have been swallowed.. 😔
carpediem · M
She's a peach alright.
nedkelly · M
Hillary Clinton is a sewer rat
True. I meet her genetic 3rd. Cousin today. Identical. Last night he found out, I have REUNION WITH JEFF AND PLAYED TRUTH DARE.
xSharp · 31-35, M
the fbi said they would not reopen the case on clinton unless there was irrefutable proof of criminal wrong doing and guess what? they reopened the case!😱
xSharp · 31-35, M
huma abedin was born in the u.s. and then flown over to saudi arabia to be raised until 18 when she came back for school, two years later she was an intern for clinton. now clinton has said if she had a second daughter it would be huma, they have been inseparable. could huma actually be in place to keep an eye on saudi arabias massive investment in american politics?🤔
I hate her too she's the biggest bitch out there.
gregonov · M
I agree in Russian news she is portrayed as a corrupt politician who supports ISIS[image deleted]

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I Hate Hillary Clinton
I would totally go for a woman president, just not this monster
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