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I Am a Free Spirit

When are we a "Free Spirit"?

I ask this because I have been called a "Free Spirit"
by many people but THAT does not make me a Free Spirit.
Perhaps it is just outward confirmation of it.
I think that we are a Free Spirit when we are born
and we "learn" to shackle our soul,
align our thoughts and behavior to society
and LOSE the freedom that our spirit
had when it came into this controlling world.

To be a Free Spirit, is to rebel against our own desires
to belong,
to be liked,
loved and
It is a desire that TO BE FREE is ALL that there is for us;
we will be FREE or dead.
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FlowersNButterflies · 61-69, F
Isn't it a "non-conformist", self-directed?
FlowersNButterflies · 61-69, F
By laughing at restrictive constrictive ideas. "If I can"? You will go deeper or you can't? .[@1192954,MsAlaineEYes]
MsAlaineEYes · 41-45, F
[@1125727,FlowersNButterflies] I am hearing you say, by not feeling threatened to conform. Laughing at the absurdity that another's opinion will pressure us to "cave". I think capacity (can) is a large part of our will, but also is our willingness and awareness of who we really are. Those who can go deeper, probably do, who knows. Ability does not always equal Action. One must WILL it. Laughing at the restrictive, ideas is a great start!!!!
FlowersNButterflies · 61-69, F
[@1192954,MsAlaineEYes] Can a person in a coma will to awaken?

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