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I Love Scuba Diving

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Due to health issues, I am not a scuba diver myself, but I work in the diving business, and have lots of customers who are also good friends.

This morning, I got sad news that one of our more popular dive boats, the Conception, near the Channel Islands caught fire and sunk. They were on a Labor Day Weekend trip. It was about 3:15 in the morning, and all the divers were down in the cabins asleep. Five of the crew members made it out safe, but all below are gone. Unsure if they all died in the fire, or if there were some who were able to escape before the boat went down.

I don't know if any of my dear customers were on the boat, but I wouldn't be surprised, as some of them enjoy that boat and it's trips. All I can do is hope, and of course, feel for the families of those lost in this horrifying event. It's just now a matter of watching the reports come in. I noticed that many news resources across the world were notified. I got an email this morning from a diver in Australia who saw it on CNN. *sigh*

2:45: As of an hour ago, 4 bodies were recovered. Of course, I won't know who until families have been notified.
46-50, F
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Sep 2, 2019
Edited: 3 mths ago
Oh no! 馃槦 I have a friend who's son (he was only 19) went out for the first time with a fishing crew and the boat sank! They never found his body.馃挃
silentwriter18046-50, F
[@364304,Peaches] Sad news. It's never easy to find someone in the sea. Always devastating to those families and friends.
[@6297,silentwriter180] YES! 馃様
Heartlander70-79, M

Yes. I've done a few aerial searches for missing boats. The whitecap waves make it like looking for a toothpick in a haystack.

Emergency locator transmitters make it easier for rescuers to home-in, but when you don't get that it means that whatever happened happened pretty fast.
I am a diver also how sad
Heartlander70-79, M
The news reports say that 34 people were unaccounted for.

What a horrible piece of news.

My prayers for all involved.
NoRegrets36-40, FSensitive
sad news 馃様, but I think questions are going to be asked why 5 out of 6 crew saved but 33 others are missing
silentwriter18046-50, F
[@1000184,NoRegrets] Because they were on deck for the night, and the other were all sleeping below.
NoRegrets36-40, F
[@6297,silentwriter180] ok thanks for clearing that up
Very sad news
JoyfulSilence41-45, M
Yes, I saw it on the news. So horrible. I hope you did not lose any friends.
silentwriter18046-50, F
[@68716,JoyfulSilence] Still waiting to hear.
JoyfulSilence41-45, M
[@6297,silentwriter180] So sorry.
silentwriter18046-50, F
Just learned that 30 of the 34 passengers have been recovered. Three of them, I knew as customers. *sigh*
Heartlander70-79, M


This area went through its own horrible boat mishap last summer when a sightseeing duck-boat was overwhelmed by weather at Tablerock lake and sank with 17 or 18 perishing.

I saw the news reports about the Conception, and a walkthrough of a similar boat.

I have trouble accepting that boat safety standards are so low.
silentwriter18046-50, F
Just saw a more complete list. The number of people I knew on the boat jumped to seven.
This boat had high standards. With their tours of the boat and their escape hatches, which were later exposed. Investigators are now saying that they believe that the passengers down in the galley may have died from smoke inhalation before they even had the chance to escape. Most of them, if not all, were asleep, as it was 3:15 in the morning. They are still unsure just where the first started. One possibility is from a room in which everyone plugs in their phones, their cameras, their strobes, and such to prepare for the next day. Still going through every possibility.
JoyfulSilence41-45, M

So sorry, my friend.


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