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I Am Empathic

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I can feel others emotions. Its crazy knowing how someone is feeling and sometimes even thinking. Especially when you care about them.
26-30, M
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Jan 2, 2019
Edited: 4 mths ago
CC67219 · 36-40, F
Ive found that its just simply caring enough to tune in. It takes a minute to read people we're not familiar with. Everyones thoughts, feelings, responses are all different.
Slayer · 26-30, M
[@870041,CC67219] I start to feel them almost taking in all of who they are. If I relax I can get more like thoughts and rarely at times even memories.
Deanjdc1 · 18-21, M
Lets meditate and see whats going to happen to my cussin
Slayer · 26-30, M
The shell is simply a mask we wear its what is on the inside that matters. If all you want is tomatoes than that is all that your taco will have on it.
Deanjdc1 · 18-21, M
Well... I also want beef lettuce tomatos and the shell. So...
Slayer · 26-30, M
Yes while some of us like just the taco. There are others who like beef, lettuce and tomatoes. There is no judgement here.
SW User
Same .
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I Am Empathic
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I can feel others emotions. Its crazy knowing how ... | I Am Empathic | Similar Worlds