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I've Been In Love And Betrayed
It was a 6 year relationship. He says he loves me yet when he moves, breaks up with me. I thought he could have at LEAST tried long distance. No. Here I was thinking we were OK and he leaves me.... Starts dating. Yet when I finally get a new friend he hates it. Because he's a guy... Am I supposed to be alone because you left me?! You tell me to make sure he keeps his hands to himself like WTH you leave me, don't wanna be with me. So what if he tries. You gave me up! You left me! You hurt me, yet I am still 100% still in love with you.... What is there to stop him if he tried?!

I wish I was like that... To just act out on revenge. What if it helped me move on? You gave up on us...on me. You obviously don't want me. What if someone else does. What are you gonna do? If there is someone who actually wants me? To see me. To spend time with me? You don't want to anymore. You can't. I'm not worth your time anymore. What if I just disappeared from your life. Would you even care? You wouldn't even notice. I'm not anything. I'm not anyone to you anymore...
greenmountaingal · 70-79, F
Disappear from his life. End or minimize communication. He should not be close enough in your life to know about your new friend. If you really think you need to stay in touch, I'd suggest a Christmas card once a year.
SW User
Ah that sounds like a certain someone who has a mental illness which destroys their relationships with others but I can't talk about it on the internet because people alike them are such good manipulators, they convince their friends they are the ultimate victim to be protected and fought for at any cost against anyone. So I would get a lot of shit like how it happened to my other account for simply linking a website with a THERAPIST's article for those hurt to recover and move on.
I would avoid this ex.... 6 years together, and all this behavoir on his part? pls take my advice and try to move on and you will do fine in time...It will be a slow process KeKenae. Time usually heals most wounds they say!
KeKeNae · 22-25, F
[@536274,NiightOwl] what did you do to help with the pain?
I tried to avoid doing things that we did together plus not go to the same places we did.. try doing new things and read books that will keep your mind off everything else .. even watching a good show or movie on tv or dvd KeKe[@342481,KeKeNae]
KeKeNae · 22-25, F
[@536274,NiightOwl] I'm doing that plus I went and got another job to keep me busy which is tiring because now I don't have any days off and get off one job just to go to another but it has been helping because I'm so tired all I do is sleep or homework

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I've Been In Love And Betrayed
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