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I Am a Libra

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How do you keep a Libra busy for hours?
Ask them to choose ONE THING to get when going to a bakery, where absolutely everything looks amazing!
26-30, M
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Dec 14, 2014
That it torture
Is not it
AgniousPrime · 26-30, M
Like I'm also a libra and that I would just that would be just to hard
Jijiji soo true, unless we're craving something making a decision when everything looks sooo yummy in my tummy lol
Ah and we just always end up picking the same thing we did the time before because the choice is too damn hard.
AgniousPrime · 26-30, M
The story of my life when I have to buy shoes. I'm like a woman when buying shoes. I either buy the exact same kind as the kind I already have or I nitpick through endless pairs for hours and then buy just ONE!
AgniousPrime · 26-30, M
And by like a woman, I just mean that I take way longer than I should :P
That wasn't too sexist, hopefully :P
Haha oh no!! It's too true that women are generally the shoe shoppers. I find Libra a fascinating sign, because we are a 'masculine' sign and yet all of us have such feminine qualities because of Venus. We NEED to look good LOL.
But I guess the masculine side comes into it, because Libra's are very rational thinkers, not as emotionally driven. We think about everything wayyyy too much.
Why??? 😩😩😩😩. So true.
This is why I don't play League of Legends. :c
Too many combinations to check through which could possibly be the best counter in every possible situation so that my choice is always optimized. TOO MANY CHOICESSS
Nah, but I'm surprised you reached that part. xD
I didn't get past character selection because of the clock so I gave up because I didn't like the hand that was dealt.
AgniousPrime · 26-30, M
I don't play league of legends, I just assumed that is what happened to you :P
lmao!###??, but but it's fun

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I Am a Libra
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