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I Am a Libra

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Any other Libras been feeling down for no reason recently? :c
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Dec 12, 2014
Yes me. But you already knew that which is what prompted you to post this question :P
Hehehe xD I can hear you giggling! Hopefully some others feel the same way too :D
No more than usual. I did find out I have CTS in my right wrist, though.
oh o: I hope it's all okay!
I've been feeling really depressed lately...maybe it's a Libra thing? Haha
I think it must be, we're all feeling it.
Yeah gah o:
Abhih123 are a lion child...what fear have you?
No fear.. Only sadness for no reason o:
hmmm...take'll be alright. You are quite active on ep I see...don't be sad because it is like a loop within a loop - sucks you in...just be cheerful and sort out whatever it is that is bothering you.
I totally agree! And thank you. I will try :)
I've been trying to be positive but I have too many big decisions to make.
Awww :c good luck with them!
Thank you!
Yes,but not for no reason.
Oh. I hope things get better for you soon o:
Down and Angry, Is it because I am a Cusp?
Hmm. Not sure to be honest. I don't have any experiences with cusps :c
Right here
Hope you're feeling okay soon! Hang in there :)
Yes. Due to hormonal imbalance. Like the reason isn't really outside of me, it's all inside and my mind can't convince myself nothing is really wrong in the real world. I take that back. There are a lot of things wrong in the real world. Lol.
Lol! I understand what you mean. Hormones are do that to ya :c in any case, I hope you're feeling better soon! <3
No I need something from a scumbag
O: get something from a scumbag?

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