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I Love Attractive Asian Women With Long Jet Black Hair
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The Secret to Asian Girl Hair

Asian ladies, they always have the loveliest hair in the world! Shiny like polished leather, straight and perfectly aligned and soft as the finest silk...
These lovely coiffures are so common among Asian women, many believe it to be an inherent feature in Asians. While genetics do play a some role in it, there’s actually more to it than that.

First, to answer a frequently asked question I’ve found while researching this topic - is the reason Asians always have shiny and smooth hair simply genetics? The short answer is no. While genetics do play a large part in what type of hair you have, that’s not the reason why many Asians have such nice hair. Keyword: [i]many[/i], not [i]all.[/i] Not every Asian has that kind of hair, obviously.

So what’s the secret behind those that do? The short answer there is they simply follow a good hair care routine. There are a number of ways this routine can be done, there isn’t any one way to do it. I would have to cite various sources to show the different ways it can be done, but the end result is always the same. Their routine allows for the natural oils to spread evenly through their hair which allows it to flow gracefully while giving it its distinctive shiny look appearance.

It’s not just a good, healthy hair routine, it’s a strict one that can take quite a bit of time. It takes days, weeks or even months following that routine every day to get results. You must stay on top of it all the time and not slack off even for a day. While researching this, I found a few sources that claimed you can get shiny Asian hair from following a simple procedure that’ll give you overnight results. Temporary results, maybe. But the truth is if you want any lasting results, it’s never that simple. You have to dedicate a lot of time into tending to your hair properly every day if you want your desired results.

To return to what I said about genetics, that does play some part in what hair routine you should follow. Like I said earlier, genetics play a huge role in what type of hair you have, whether it’ll be thick, thin, straight, curly or whatever. So what hair routines might work for Asians won’t work for just anyone. If you want shiny hair, you’ll have to do your own research in what hair products would best suit your hair type to give you satisfactory results.

In closing, there you have it! The secret to getting Asian girl hair is having a good, strict hair care routine that suits your hair. I know a lot of this is incredibly vague concerning what these hair care routines are, but again, there are so many routines to follow, I can’t just list one or even a few. To make it more complicated, the right routine for you depends on your specific type of hair. But once you have your routine figured out, it’s actually pretty easy getting shiny, silky hair so long as you stay on top of it - which really isn’t that hard either.

Anyway, hope you enjoyed this post and if you want to get Asian hair yourself, hope you found this informative. Good luck!

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Kimchigirl · 31-35, F
I hate getting asked this question about my hair and then having my routine "not work" like, okay hahaha
I have a crazy beauty regimen in general. Skin, hair, and everything. It’s paid off, though. I have better skin and hair than many girls half my age.
Remorseful · 26-30, F
All hair is beautiful!

Straight, Wavy, Curly, Afro, it’s all lovely.
mrlopez · 26-30, M
🤣i never noticed this about east Asian women
Rickg · 26-30, M
Not sure that would work on my hair lol
My hair is not straight !
[@406205,InOtterWords] My girlfriend’s hair is really beautiful. She has such an interesting mix of ethnicities that it’s the most unique hair I’ve ever seen. Most women would pay big bucks just to try and duplicate what she has naturally.
[@406205,InOtterWords] btw... gay hair is all the rage. No reason to have it straight. *giggles*
This is true! When I first went to straighten my hair, I’d never treated my hair prior so my hair had so much natural shine, that the hairdresser at the Reds salon in Singapore called everyone of his staff to take a look.

I’ve treated my hair many times in the past 20 yrs, but recently I’ve gone back to my childhood routine and my hair luster is back!
[@605647,DarkHeaven] There is a herbal alternative to soap called uptan/ubtan. See if you can get a sample of that at your nearby Indian store. Or you can buy it on Amazon. That’s what she uses.
[@372543,Vivaci] ty. ily so much. 🖤🤗
Awww....🥰💙😘 ty! [@605647,DarkHeaven]
AlexaiSchlomokov · 46-50, F
Good diet...lots of fish!!

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I Love Attractive Asian Women With Long Jet Black Hair
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