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Naked Parties Have Their Drawbacks

Back in the 60s I got invited to a big naked party in Topanga Canyon (near Malibu, near Los Angeles). I and a male friend attended together. There were hundreds of people there. There were Army tents around the wooded property with various kinds of food and snacks in them on buffet tables.

I was hungry when we arrived. We took off all our clothes in one of the back rooms where they had cubbyholes in cardboard boxes where we claimed one and left our clothes.
Then we proceeded to look for a good tent. A couple we met pointed out a food tent which they highly recommended so we went there. There was a line around the tent up to the buffet. There were a series of Army cots where people were sitting to avoid standing in a long line. I decided to do the same.

And that was how it happened that, totally naked, I sat down on what turned out to be 6 WASPS...And it put them in a very aggressive mood! I screamed. Loud. A young doctor at the party ran and got his medical bag and attended to my stings; there were several stings from 6 WASPS (wasps can sting more than once). The doctor pulled out 6 stingers. Then he gave me some aspirin and put Band-Aids on the wounds.

My next clear memory is sitting at the bar indoors with one normal buttock on the bar stool while the other swollen injured buttock hung over the side of the bar stool and I, on the doctor's advice, waited 20 minutes before ordering a series of double daquiries. People asked question upon seeing my bandaged butt and I told them what happened. I have a feeling some of them may have been quietly reevaluating nudism.

The only comfort, besides the drinks, was that those wasps came out of it worse than I did. Most of them died. I hurt for the rest of the evening, but felt better by the next day. I found it hard to remember, though, and didn't enjoy answering my friends questions when they asked, " was the party?"

The truth is, people wear clothing for more reasons than modesty.
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lancetroy · 31-35, M
Wow that's a story lol
REMsleep · 41-45, F
Thats funny. Good memories for you.I am not ashamed of my body but I don't see any value personally in attending a naked party. The thought of my hooha touching the exact place where some sweaty dude just sat naked me want to throw up.
Also I am fairly modest. I've never even worn a bikini.
nudydude · 56-60, M

Yes these things can happen. I once was streaking and had to hide from some approaching vehicles.What I did not know was I was standing on a fire ant hill. Really got bit up bad on my feet and ankles.

hee hee 🤭

Bare Hugs 🤗

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