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I Ponder Existence

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I love to have conversation about what is existence
SamtheDog · M
Me too.
Om2014 · 26-30, M
Yes we cant have two truths, also, if something is debatable then it cant be absolute truth either. If we are talking about possibilities, this "reality" might as well be enshared hallucination for all we know. That wud be one far fetched idea hard to believe though.
What is reality anyways?, if we call, "what we experience with extreme lucidity" and "which doesnt change its state whenever we perceive it" then my experience ticks those two points as well.
It can also be a trick of mind im not denying that possibility but then even this reality cud be so.
I have not yet reached my conclusion about "truth" & "reality". So exploration is still on.
SamtheDog · M
[@948854,Om2014] you're epistemology is flawed and concept of logic untenable, without mutual acceptance of some basic concepts and precepts it's not a debate or even a discussion, it's just you making stuff up.
Om2014 · 26-30, M
[@854658,SamtheDog] im glad you said that. Have a good day :) i dont think i was looking for a debate. If you arent gaining anything neither m i. This is futile anyways. Cause i can read all the research papers online, all the truth.
LucyGray · 22-25, F
What would you like to know?
LucyGray · 22-25, F
[@948854,Om2014] The interesting part is proving it so.
Om2014 · 26-30, M
[@1154467,LucyGray] but tbh can we do this over and over again for infinite lifetimes
LucyGray · 22-25, F
[@948854,Om2014] Repeating the same thing wouldn't be worthwhile. There must be change. I see you have a basic understanding of how one thing can have many manifestations. I don't think your sources truly reasoned it out, though. They, and all their flowery half-explanations should be disregarded. One must be prepared to begin again: to start over.
Do you believe in Advaita?
Om2014 · 26-30, M
[@657449,ABCDEF7] doubts, there are none in particular now that some experiences have happened. There was only one question, why creation? But no1 can answer that, cause only "one" can answer and when you be that "one" you dont have any questions, infact questioner doesnt exist then.

But logical answer my mind told itself that, "why not creation?" its the nature of creator to create. Unlinke what most people say, its eternal its complete it never comes down from it state, it doesnt, but it keep creating, like flower exist with fragrance. It create not for joy, simply it does. Thats why creation is eternal in itself, changing but eternal.. But once individuality is lost in source, and another individual is creates, it will never be the same. Its very intriguing how from one many can be created and many merging back into one, and somehow they were never separate
[@948854,Om2014] When you realise your true self, you know it's only the consciousness. The world is an illusion. When you leave the true realisation of self, you are living in this illusionary world.

brahma satyam [b]jagat-mithyä[/b] jivo brahmaiva näparah ||

[quote]why creation? [/quote] Because the world was never created at all.

And did you took or taking any guidence of a guru for the process of your enlightenment? Have you awakened your kundalini?
Om2014 · 26-30, M
[@657449,ABCDEF7] i do understand the talk about illusion, but i was like "why this creation" even though its illusion, i know that nothing is created anyways, but wtever dreaming is going on, why ?

thanks for the link.,
yes i have a guru but i didn speak with them personally. but i have talked to other masters, they teach meditation.

kundalini awakening has happend yes.
Babaji · 70-79, M
Existence is will be absorbed. haha
The Borg said so.
On the other hand...Existence is a jewel,
a diamond in the rough.
Just waiting for one to eliminate the bad stuff so
all facets of the diamond can shine.
Existence is an opportunity to realize the depths
of Consciousness and to understand the power of Love,
and to experience the God within one's Self.
We are the captain of our ship, and can steer our life
in any direction we choose. The miracles are endless.
How can we see the true light of our existence?
Deep Meditation will open the door to one's glory.
Om2014 · 26-30, M
[@948523,Babaji] thankyou for the wise words 🙏

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