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I Am Confused About My Gender

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Let me fixed the title.

[center][big]I Am NOT Confused About My Gender[/big][/center]

Ahh yes, another Transgender story! I can pretty much say I am very comfortable as a male. I do like my gender title as (T) here on Similar Worlds. But I do love dressing up as a girl as well. In fact, I am being a girl for Halloween. I am very confused about who to go with though. Should I go with my best friends (Who are basically my age even though they are at least 1-2 years older than me and are all girls), or my brother (Who can't literally make his mind who he is going out with! His friend, his cousin, or others!?!?) But I think I am safer to go with my best friends because they are planning on getting me a wig, a dress, and pretty much make me look like a girl! But one thing I need to be aware of is my hair growing on my side of my cheeks. I should shave them a day before October 30th. [image=]

Here is what people most often misunderstand me about. They think I am either Gay, Straight (Which I am because I can't stand boys, yet I am a boy), and they sometimes make fun of me for hanging out with boys. Apparently I guess I sound gay (But I use a lighter voice because I like the public to hear my outer me) and I sound like I am just an older guy when I use my voice normally which sounds a lot deeper than it should be. I rather sound deep when I am going to do some voice acting in my own projects, and when I am with other people I rarely know but I would like to call an acquaintance.

Halloween, one of those special holidays or events that occurs annually. I had always wanted to be a girl for 2-3 years. I never knew I wanted to be a girl in private though. But I would say that I am finally happy I get to be a girl for Halloween. I only did this to make me feel comfortable to feel like me in the public and do something I wanted to do because my Grandpa suggested it before he passed away. But this is such an experience I can't wait.
13-15, T
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Oct 16, 2019
Bendover69 · 61-69, M
That must have been amazing to do. Well done. I ought to do that, but can't see myself doing it locally somehow.

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I Am Confused About My Gender
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