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I Believe It's Still a Man's Place to Lead

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If he can, of course!
What makes a good HOH?
He is strict, but fair, of course.
He makes clear rules and guidelines for his wife, so that she is in no doubt what is expected from her, and he sets clear boundaries for her behaviour.
He is stern and consequent, when he punishes her, but he never humiliates or embarrass her any further than what follows from the punishment itself.
He never overdoes a punishment, he never lets his temper take over when punishing his wife, and he always remains calm and in full control of himself and his emotions throughout the punishment.
He does not yell at his wife, not during punishment either, and in fact, he should never raise his voice against her. That should not be necessary.
Above all, however, he is loving, caring and protective – and though being dominant, he can (and should) still be a gentleman.
A real HOH does not lose dignity or authority by pulling the chair out for his wife in restaurants or holding the door for her.
Am I a good HOH?
Well, I try to live up to the qualities mentioned above, and at least, my wife says I am good HOH – and that is what matters to me!
61-69, M
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Jan 22, 2018
Milla · F
daaaan2000 · M
[@669073,Milla] Women make much better leaders if they just stand up for themselves
Milla · F
[@580919,daaaan2000] I like the idea of co leaders. I don’t want to be married to my parents or my children. Don’t play Daddy with me and I will never play mommy to my lover.
daaaan2000 · M
[@669073,Milla] 🍼
SageAdvice · F
Zsuzsanna1 · 36-40, F
So right, Peter
AnnaTiH · 41-45, F
Well put - this is how I would want my HoH husband to be.
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I Believe It's Still a Man's Place to Lead
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If he can, of course! What makes a good HOH? He is... | I Believe It's Still a Man's Place to Lead | Similar Worlds